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Just a forum for people who like the Godzilla movies and want to talk about them with fellow fans.

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I think you should stop making threads called forums about random stuff and read the site rules first, there are specific forums for all the games that you need, so look in those first and then add and contribute in the right places.

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@Imsorrymsjackson: well this is only my second one and im just trying to start my own stuff to talk about.

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@Vammo said:

@Imsorrymsjackson: well this is only my second one and im just trying to start my own stuff to talk about.

I know but these threads will probably just get locked unless you start them in the right places, also you need to put more content in your posts otherwise they are considered spam and will be deleted. Also, posting about movies won't go overly far either as this is a website about video games mostly.


Have a good read of the rules and then enjoy the site.

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I always liked Gamera a little more than Godzilla, but they're both cool! Oh and uh.. Gyaos was one of my favorite bad monsters.

Fuck yeah, Gyaos!

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Fuck y'all I'm all for a Godzilla Forum

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@geirr: I watched alittle bit of Gamera and think hes pretty cool, isn't job to protect children or something? My favorite bad monster would have to be King Ghidorah from the godzilla movies.

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My favorite Gojira album is From Mars To Sirius.

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There is a reason my profile backround is what it is.

Also, welcome to Giant Bomb! I hope you like it here.

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I used to watch Godzilla movies all the time when I was a kid. It's how I developed my love of bad special effects, bad dubbing, and Japan nonsense.

Also, giant monsters are rad.

At some point I need to buy all of the Godzilla movies and watch them.

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I remember catching one on late night TV when I was a kid and it scared me. The rubber suit looked so real to me that I couldn't figure out how they did such magic. Sadly my knowledge of it beyond that and another one off movie I saw later on that I found equally amazing is pretty much zero. That said I still love me some Gore-zilla! movies. I even like the CG remake they did in the early 2000's. Not as much as the originals, but it was a fun watch despite all the hate it gets.

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There's two things you don't know about Earth.

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I was getting ready to jump in here and lock this, but it looks like some actual Godzilla-based conversation has developed out of nothing, so I'll let this stand for the time being. Just remember: We already have forums for everything that has a wiki page on Giant Bomb, including games, characters, franchises, and concepts. Therefore, the onus is on you to actually create the discussion.

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Hell Yeah! I motherfucking love Godzilla. Except the American one, that one sucks. And i think there's going to be another American Godzilla...

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This poster is great!!!!!

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@MikeGosot: Yeah the guy who made Monsters is making the new Godzilla film, can't say it'll be good.. but he has made one of the more interesting Monster movies of late, I really dug it, but it's as far from Original Godzilla as you could probably get..

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@Genkkaku: I have never seen Monsters, this is actually the first time i heard about it. I'll check it out.

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If you don't know who this is, you aren't a Godzilla fan. 
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I tried making my twitter name gawdzilla but some asshole already took it.  

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@Turtlebird95: That has made my day so much better.

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@Turtlebird95: Oh my god. Fuck Jet Jaguar. Most useless sub-character since Minilla.

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@HistoryInRust: I agree, but apparently he has his fans.

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@L44: Well, Jet Jaguar was only a guest character in Godzilla vs Megalon (and maybe another godzilla movie, dont remember and need to research that) and was popular around the time Toho was making the movie so they added him in. Jet Jaguar had his own series of movies before crossing into the Godzilla universe.

#26 Posted by HistoryInRust (6511 posts) -

@Vammo: I always heard growing up that it was the other way around. He was supposed to be the anchoring monster of the film to capitalize on giant mech bullshit but Toho realized halfway through that no one would give two shits about a rainbow-themed metal ice cream cone so they made him a side-character in a film Godzilla could better carry.

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Wasn't Jet Jaguar created in a kids contest? Or i'm making that up? I swear to God i heard something like that.

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@MikeGosot said:

Wasn't Jet Jaguar created in a kids contest? Or i'm making that up? I swear to God i heard something like that.

I'll verify that:

Jet Jaguar was the result of a contest Toho had in mid-to-late 1972 for fans to come up with a new hero for them to use (to capitalize on the many tokusatsu and anime superhero and super robot shows that were all the rage at the time). The winner of the contest submitted the drawing of a robot called Red Alone. The robot resembledUltraman, Spectreman, and Mazinger Z (all of which were very popular at the time).

1. Jet Jaguar. Wikipedia. Retrieved 2013-1-06

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@ThatFrood said:

There's two things you don't know about Earth.

that Godzilla roar made me wanna go watch some Godzilla.

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@Turtlebird95 said:

If you don't know who this is, you aren't a Godzilla fan.


So I bringing this back due to all of the recent news surrounding the new American Godzilla. How do you all feel about Frank Darabont re-writing the script? I'm really hoping the movie turns out good. From the way they were talking about it at comic con it sounds like they are aiming for a darker and horror feel and I think Godzilla could really use that.

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Favorite Godzilla design? Mine if from X Mechagodzilla and Tokyo SOS...

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I had a Godzilla game on the GameCube. It was not great but I enjoyed it.

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Remeber that Mathew Brodrick version of Godzilla? Ya just let that soak in.

To be fair it was enjoyable as a kid but now, holy shit.

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@AckbarTheGreat: It's so much better with the correct subtitles.

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@Sackmanjones: "That's a lot of fish"

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Godzilla. Shit. I haven't watched one of those movies since I was a kid.

Is Godzilla vs Mothra any good? That's the one with the giant moth and singing hula girls, right?

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I've never seen a Godzilla movie (not counting that american one) but I've recently gained an appreciation for bugs and bug themed designs so I think Mothra looks pretty cool.

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