I super saiyan 5 real?

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Has it ever been in a dragonball z/gt game? I can't seem to recall any. I also can't seem to recall it ever being in the series. Perhaps it was in one of the OVAs as some special one off condition a character inherited?
Someone must know.
I meant to say "Is super saiyan...."

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It does not go past 4, APPARENTLY.

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thank you

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The only appearance of SS5 were in images that were floating around the internet and rumors of a Dragonball: AF circa 2002.

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I remember that there was this april fools joke that a new series will come after GT that will be called Dragon Ball AF. Of course it was only a joke, but after a while a dojinshi of this "series" have surfaced which featured a SSJ 5 Goku.
So no, there never was an official SSJ 5 in the series. But if you want to see what the fans imagined it would be then:  http://www.dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_AF

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If Raging Blast 2 follows the footsteps of the first one, wait for it... It can be on the next one. :p

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Super  Saiyan 5 doesn't exist in any Z/GT series, or any videogames. The concept was introduced in an Anime Magazine's April Fool's joke, were an article was writen talking about the new Dragonball series, Dragonball AF. The last fight in DBGT was between SSJ4 Gogeta and Omega Shinran.

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I hate when people do this and I go searching and its not real.

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This post should sum up all of my DBZ knowledge quite nicely. 

 IT'S OVER 9000!
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@Hitchenson said:
" This post should sum up all of my DBZ knowledge quite nicely. 

 IT'S OVER 9000!
Thats all anybody knows about DBZ, including the people who watched it, B...Hitchenson.
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this is SS5

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@dbz1995 said:
" B...Hitchenson. "
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" @dbz1995 said:
" B...Hitchenson. "
...Huh? "
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" @Hitchenson said:
" @dbz1995 said:
" B...Hitchenson. "
...Huh? "
Bitchenson? "
That's three times I've been called that on this forum over the past couple of days.

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