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I was going to make this page suck less in terms of readability. I can't do that though, because the writers didn't bother with chopping up the massive walls of text into readable paragraphs. Now where will I learn about Goku and all of his exploits? This page is worthless without wiki-writing courtesies.

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Have fun fighting the hordes of users who might descend upon this thread, yo. Just an advance warning.

#3 Posted by Pepsiman (2491 posts) -

The hordes haven't come yet. Why?

#4 Posted by ElBlaze (85 posts) -

Fuck both of you !

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Wait... what?

...did you just tell two predominantly male moderators to fuck off?

Are you stone cold fuck nuts?

#6 Posted by Fax (534 posts) -

That sucks...

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