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Gold Medal Challenge '92 was a Capcom game that was released shortly before the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona. There were 12 countries represented in the game, with 18 different events to compete in. The majority were Track and Field events, but also included Swimming, Weightlifting and Gymnastics. Gold Medal Challenge '92 had a battery back-up system that allowed the user to save their progress in the World Tournament mode as well as any world records set while playing. The game allowed up to 8 human players to control different countries with 2 players competing at the same time in an event.

Game Modes

World Tournament

World Tournament ran through every event on the game. It was broken up into different programs. Each program consisted of 3 events and 1 round of the Marathon. After each program, an updated medal table would be shown. Also, after each program, the player had the ability to save progress.


Practice mode. The Marathon event was not available to practice.

Total Record

The player could view their best scores and see how the matched up the pre-loaded world records.

Game Play

Track and Field / Weightlifting

These events were controlled by alternately pressing the A and B buttons back and forth as quickly as possible. The d-pad controlled different movements such as jumping, throwing, lifting or getting out of the starting blocks in a race.


Swimming used a rhythm button pressing method where the A button was pressed along with the swimmer's movements in the pool. The d-pad was used to jump into the pool as well as turning around after 50 meters.


Gymnastics used a combination of button mashing to gain speed, then pressing a specific button to get your gymnast to do a specific movement (flips, somersault, etc) after hitting the vault.


Marathon was a unique game type that was part of the "Special Program" which occurred after every 3 events in World Tournament mode. In Marathon, the player didn't control the runner. Instead, the player chose a speed at which the player would run for a certain distance for that round. The runner had a set energy bar, so based on a few factors (how much speed, elevations) the energy bar would drop at varying rates. When the runner's energy bar went empty, the runner would drop to the lowest speed possible and normally fall way behind.



  • 100 Meter Dash
  • 200 Meter Dash
  • 400 Meter Dash
  • 4 x 100 Meter Relay
  • 110 Meter Hurdles
  • Marathon


  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • High Jump
  • Javelin Throw
  • Shot Put


  • 100 Meter Freestyle
  • 100 Meter Breast
  • 100 Meter Backstroke
  • 100 Meter Butterfly
  • 200 Meter Medley (50 Meters of Each)


  • Vaulting Horse



There were 12 countries to choose from, the only differences between countries were the character models.

The United States of AmericaRussia
Great BritainFrance

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