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Heavy Metal

While this game's screenshots and box art would be right at home on the album cover of an early 80s hair metal band, it still holds up today as a brilliant and classic arcade beat-em-up from the days when BEING a brilliant and classic arcade beat-em-up was still worth a damn.

All of the characters in this game were a lot of fun to use. The dwarf was a hilarious little rascal who turned the game into a comedy even when he was standing still. The barbarian looked enough like Conan that I could pretend I was playing as Ah-nold himself. And the sexy lady was very nice to look at. Toss in all the fun combat mechanics, and this game rocks the casbah.

FUN FACT: I'm an actor, and I played a background role once on a Canadian sitcom called "Little Mosque on the Prairie". In the actors' lounge off-set, they had an arcade simulator set up, and Golden Axe was one of the games on it. One of the main actors on the show & myself spent a few minutes hacking and slashing through Level 1, making Golden Axe the first video game I've ever played with a famous person.

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