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The Golden Hammer made it's first appearance in the NES classic Wrecking Crew in 1985. Since then it has also made appearances in the Paper Mario Series and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga as a powerful weapon. Arguably the Golden Hammer had been featured most notably in Brawl where it was one of the more powerful items. It works exactly like the standard hammer from the Super Smash Bros. Franchise but it is more powerful, faster and deals more knock-back. When you rapidly press the "A" button when using the Golden Hammer you will be able to float in a similar fashion to Princess Peach. When it spawns it takes a few seconds to raise up out of the ground and has its own distinctive noise. The Golden Hammer is a lot more likely to spawn than the standard hammer.

Golden Squeaky Hammer

The Golden Squeaky Hammer is the Golden equivalent of the headless hammer, in that it is completely useless. The Golden Hammer can not be identified as it looks exactly the same as the normal Golden Hammer but when you use it, there will be no effect on your opponents and the hammer will squeak. While using the Golden Hammer you can still do the floating technique and despite the fact it does no damage it can still be countered by characters like Lucario and Marth. When Kirby eats a Golden Squeaky Hammer you will know because Kirby will make a faint squeak.

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