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Golden Saints are the spawn of Sheogorath and resemble half-clad, gold-skinned women wearing armor and a winged helmet.
They call themselves Aureals and guards the Shivering Isles. They are short-tempered and quick to anger, and swift deaths come to those who trifle with them. They deem mortals and even other daedra inferior, and appear to be matriarchal as they look down upon males, even ones of their own race.
Golden Saints may be inspired by the Amazons of Greek mythology.


Golden Saint - Morrowind
Golden Saints usually spawn with high-level weaponry and shields, and can be found in tombs, shrines and wandering the Grazelands. Golden Saints can also be summoned by a highly skilled conjurer. They have the highest soul value of any generic Daedra type. Golden Saints are the only source for the Daedric Tower Shield.

Type - Daedra
Health - 250
Movement - Ground: Walking, Running
Attacks -
  • Melee - 20-60 pts. Damage
Defense -
  • Dispel - Dispel 100 pts. on Self
  • Shock Shield - Lightning Shield 3 pts. for 20 sec. on Self
Strengths and Weaknesses -
  • Resistance to Fire - 50%
  • Resistance to Frost - 50%
  • Resistance to Shock - 50%
  • Resistance to Normal Weapons - 100%
  • Reflect Damage - 20%
Loot -
  • Random Weapon
  • Random Shield
  • Daedra's Heart
Soul Level - 400 (Grand)

Shivering Isles

Golden Saint from the Shivering Isles
In the Shivering Isles, Golden Saints can be seen patrolling the side of Mania and Bliss in New Sheoth. They have little patience for the other races on the Isle, and make no effort to hide this in their interactions. There exist a longstanding rivalry between them and the Dark Seducers, and they are constantly vying for the favor of the Mad God. Golden Saints are NPC's in this game and will wield a number of weapons.

Type - Daedra
Movement - Ground: Walking, Running
Attacks -
  • Disintegrate Weapon - 100 pts. on Touch
Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Reflect Spell - 15%
  • Weakness to Poison - 50%
Loot - Random Golden Saint Weapon

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