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Part two of Golden Sun improves the game in just about every way. 1

Golden Sun: The Lost Age is the conclusion to the two-part Golden Sun story. As such, you really can't play this game without having played the first one. There's a brief introduction that tells you what happened in the first GS, but I doubt it explains enough for you to really know what's going on. However, if you've played GS then you'll be able to jump right into GS:TLA. Like all good follow-ups, GS:TLA builds on the successful formula of GS, but adds more depth and difficulty to keep the gam...

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More of the Same in a Great Way 0

When it was released in 2001, I was a little past excited for Golden Sun. It promised an old-school, 16-bit rpg in a world that had seemingly forgotten how to do it. What was even better however, was the fact that sources suggested it was good. Long story short, I picked it up and never set it down, loving every minute of it. So, it comes as no suprise that I was once again intruiged when the sequel was released, and once again I found myself unable to put it down. Golden Sun: The Lost Age foll...

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More of the good stuff 0

 To a RPG fan, it is hard not to like Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Golden Sun itself was a major blockbuster for GBA back in 2001. Golden Sun: The Lost Age follows the same. Golden Sun: The Lost Age was released for Gameboy Advance in 2003.  This game is a direct sequel to the first Golden Sun. Story continues right after the first game with a different sets of character that intertwine with first games characters. I can't remember seeing such direct sequels often and this caused bit confusion wit...

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