Own the GoldenEye watch for 6 bucks!

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Giant Bomb, I have a lot of respect for you as a community. I feel like we identify with each other on many, many topics.

So it is with great happiness that I inform you of this deal:



SIX dollars. SIX. Is it the classiest looking thing? No, not really. But how cool is that thing! I've never bought a Christmas present this far in advance. As fellow gamers who undoubtedly still cling to some shred of nostalgia for GoldenEye 64, I thought I should bring it your attention. In five minutes, I followed the steps on the walkthrough and came out the other side with two spectacular stocking stuffers four months in advance. The lack of a laser is admittedly disheartening, but look at that thing! Look at it!

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I'm tempted to blow my paycheck this week on hundreds of these.

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