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Before Goldeneye was released on the N64 there was no console shooter that actually played well. Sure, if you go back to the game now it has aged horribly, but at the time it was the best out there. While the graphics and sound were not groundbreaking, they were done well enough to still be impressive. The thing that really set this game apart was the tight controls, epic single player, and the insanely addictive multiplayer. This was the game to be playing with friends when it came out, and I spent many hours with it. The split screen multiplayer was considered ahead of its time. The single players incorporation of gadgets and such to the game play made Goldeneye more than just a mindless shooter, Ill never forget planting the bomb on the silo or escaping a doomed train with my watch laser in the last few seconds possible. It really was insane for its time, and the fact that it kept track of your statistics at the end of the level compels you to replay the level over and over again, not to mention the ridiculous number of funny cheats that change the game play up. I could go on and on about how much I love this game I honestly didn’t even scratch the surface, the fact is that it truly is legendary. This was the game that every other developer copied (for console FPS) up until halo came out. If any game deserves a 5/5 it is Goldeneye.

 It is a masterpiece from one of the greatest developers of this era, Rare, and it is a shame that we may never see the remake released on XBLA.  If you feel the way I do then PLEASE sign this petition to bring the game out. Thanks.



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    one of my fave fps's 0

    as u probaly know i havent reviewd anything in a real long tiime i did two of the best rpgs evar the best beat em ups and many more now time to cut down to one of my fav generes and my favorite game for the genre golden eye 007 rrly the first good FPS i played was wolfenstien but trust me it didnt make what halo was today nither did doom and quake was close but the only thing that set the standards was 007 for great controls smooth gameplay and 4 player mode hearing the theme from the movie was ...

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