So will it live up to the one on N64?

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It kinda just looks like a generic shooter with a James Bond skin on the Wii right now. It will be very hard to relive the magic of the old game or live up to the hype. You all saw how the other Golden Eye game did.

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Especially considering it looks like it will be sold as a full price game. 
Goldeneye should have remained on n64 or as a neat little XBLA / VC game, but I think this will be like the conduit. A middle of the road wii shooter.

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I doubt it, it doesn't look bad but it doesn't look anywhere near Goldeneye. 

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@Brunchies: ya, it looks like just another shooter. Not good, not bad, just average. Which is not Golden Eye

@JJOR64:  They sure did make the best COD games. 
Sigh Nintendo, sigh. I blame Activision for that though.
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of course not, just trying to live up to nostalgia.

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Goldeneye just had that special feel to it where back in the 90s everyone played and it was the first multiplayer game a lot of people played. We dont need it again its a good memory and now this will ruin a memory.

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Plus this,
@JJOR64 said:

" Fuck no, it's being made by Treyarch. "
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remember Conduit? if you like how that felt then great. if not too bad.

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Ofc not...

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They would have been better off just releasing the 64 version in the Wii store.   Its nice for nostalgia but after a few min. you will realize how dated it really is.

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Not the first time someone tried to make something new out of Goldeneye.
Everyone would be better off with N64 version ports, but that version is owned by too many competing forces.  So noone gets to enjoy what they want.

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No, it looked really bad. At least I think it did.

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wait... i thought it was just a remake?
thats what the gb article made it sound like

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Hooray for Treyarch hate.

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Whats with all the hate? Is it because it's on the Wii? Because it's made by Treyarch? Give the game a chance, you never know, it could turn out brilliant.

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@Blueman: Not those reasons. It is just really really hard to live up to peoples memories of that game and the nostalgia.
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Highly doubtful. Even if it was made by Bungie or Infinity Ward.

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i really dont think so. such a shame. although, to be fair, im quite sure what we saw was not the final product, it may well improve  by launch.

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@Halberdierv2: You're right. They have plenty of time to make it the best they can.
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This is going to be shit.

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I have an N64 with Goldeneye so unless they give me a compelling reason to pick this up, it'll be a pass for me.

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@MiamiRedHawks said:
" This is going to be shit. "
I don't know about shit...
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@Daveyo520 said:
" @MiamiRedHawks said:
" This is going to be shit. "
I don't know about shit... "
Remakes where the original developer isn't involved are usually shit.
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Far too much hype to live up to. The ridiculous auto-aim will be adjusted from the first as well so people will complain about that.

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It is doomed to fail. You can't remake a cultural phenomenon.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:

" It is doomed to fail. You can't remake a cultural phenomenon. "

You can't remake a cultural phenomenon because that was yesterday's success. You're going to have to top it.  Somehow I don't see this happening with this game.
While details are still rather weak, one example of a yesterday mentality is the split screen multiplayer. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but most serious shooters have moved online. If this is not online, it's going to be like The Conduit all over again.
Aside from that though, until we see whether they're going to do a 1:1 copy of all the previous GoldenEye levels or is it going to do more, will we get new weapons/ways to kill people (death traps), and whether it has good controls (YOU HAVE TO MOVE AND SHOOT), I'm reserving judgement
Oh yeah, and lets not forget Rogue Agent.
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No. Nothing can. That game is better in people's minds than it actually is now because of the moment in time it existed. The world has moved on. No one wants to play Goldeneye again. They just think they do.

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I think I actually prefer a inspired by game then a full remake.
Just saying, Perfect Dark on XBA was fun, but not that much fun!
We ain't multiplayering it, that's MW2/BC2/Generic shooter crap 5's role still :/

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Probably not. Eurocom would have to work miracles to meet inflated expectations. I completely expect it to be better than rogue agent though. Man that game was bad.  

They just need to tighten up those graphics.
#32 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

I say you guys wait for an actual gameplay video instead of basing the hate off a trailer.

#33 Posted by animateria (3302 posts) -

Probably not.
FPSes moved on so much from then. And it's harder to stand out from the crowd nowadays.

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@Zidd: Anything can be better than Rouge Agent
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Hell no.

#36 Posted by PS3RG (437 posts) -
@animateria said:
" Probably not.  FPSes moved on so much from then. And it's harder to stand out from the crowd nowadays. "
THIS X100. GoldenEye is done. Let it be. 
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@natetodamax said:
" I say you guys wait for an actual gameplay video instead of basing the hate off a trailer. "
But this is the internet...Aren't we suppose to hate everything and make judgments on games we know nothing about!
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@MiamiRedHawks said:
" This is going to be the shit. "
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@natetodamax said:

" I say you guys wait for an actual gameplay video instead of basing the hate off a trailer. "

Well considering there was a fair amount of gameplay in the trailer i think people can do what they want.
Its obvious the graphics and gameplay are different, they have also added in different characters (Daniel Craig), and now apparently the story is not the one from the game or the movie, its plot is completely different but the levels will be in similar locations. I think thats enough reason for people to be angry. This stinks of another Rogue Agent to me
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The fact that they went to the effort to stick Daniel Craig in the game just says it all to me. Regardless of how good it may or may not turn out there's nothing that will stop me from sighing every time I see that guy doing something that Brosnan should have done.

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No. Absolutely not. Never. 
I don't need to read any impressions from the show floor to know that this game is just abandoning the feel of the original and making it like every other FPS today, only with the name slapped on just to get people excited. 
And I have actually been playing the original game for more than a week now after buying it from a used game shop, so it's not just memories that I'm basing my thoughts off of. The technical limitations of the original aside, Activision is ignoring the gameplay system and framework that not only made THAT game great, but its successor Perfect Dark great as well, just to make linear, checkpoint heavy gameplay with regenerative health. 
Weird. Normally I don't want to hate a game so much. I normally choose to not care, but this...I can't help but feel angry. It's like I just want to crash the excitement of whoever's actually looking forward to this, and show them what Goldeneye really is, not just based on memories. Even if that ends up making me a bit of an asshole. 

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@Lydian_Sel: I'm pretty sure that Activision only has the rights to make James Bond games using only daniel craig's likeness.
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Considering its being made by activision you know they are going to fuck up a few things.

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Somehow I'm slightly comforted by the fact that it has classic controller support. I just can't see myself doing split-screen with three other people waving their remotes around beside me.

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Not a chance in hell.

#46 Posted by Clinkz (1116 posts) -

Sadly, no.

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Go back and try to play goldeneye now its terrible. So yeah it will probably be as good as goldeneye if you try to play it now....

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@JJOR64 said:
" Fuck no, it's being made by Treyarch. "
It's made by Eurocom, dumbass.  
And no, it won't live up to the N64 one because everyone still looks at the old one as if its still to this day the greatest FPS ever made, and they played that one to death for years.  Even the slightest change, and people will bitch because, well, it's the internet and that's what whiny-ass fanboys do.
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@Shaanyboi:   This thread was made 4 months ago dumbass.  Thought Treyarch was making it when it was first announced.

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