Game refuses to launch properly.

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Well after seeing how many good reviews and threads this game has been responsible for, I thought I'd check it out. Unfortunately, whenever I try to launch the game from Steam, I'm met with a black screen my mouse's loading bar. It appears my resolution changes as well. Is there anything in a config. file that I can alter which will fix this issue?

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To add a little insight for those also experiencing problems, their steam support page has offered a few suggestions.

Namely disabling Avast if you have it. Sadly none of these solutions have worked for me, yet. I'm in the process of downloading the DRM-free version, so here's hoping that works.

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Have you tried disabling the in-game Steam overlay features?

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It somehow fixed itself earlier. I can't explain why, but my best guess is that I uninstalled and re-installed Avast. If anyone is still having issues, perhaps you should try that.

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@sunbrozak: From the official Facebook page for the game:

"Good news! If you are crashing on startup, disable Avast! Antivirus before launching. This should fix the crash. We do not know if we can patch the game the to fix this conflict, but we will be looking into it. In the meantime, please use this workaround!"

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Just thought I'd add what gave me issues with Gone Home. The game refused to launch if I had Actual Multiple Montiors running. If you use it and Gone Home doesn't launch at all, try exiting Actual Multiple Monitors (or any other multiple monitor software)

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@stuvning: Holy crap, sometimes I feel like the only person who uses that software. I would have never thought to disable it. Thanks for the heads up! See you around at One Eyed Jack's.

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It refuses to launch as a game.

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There's a patch now that reportedly fixes the "won't start" bug. Give it a shot.

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