Gone Home is the Lost of video games. Not a compliment.

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Anyone with anything negative to say about Gone Home obviously didn't find the 24th diary. GOTY material right there.

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@ryanwhom said:

@legion_ said:

People who don't like the ending of Lost, didn't understand Lost.

There's little to understand with the ending. That's sort of the idea, instead of wrapping up the threads, they just threw out catchall. This explains everything, in that it allows us not to have to explain anything. That stuff you were following no longer needs resolving, we just throw it into this wide net because we didn't do what most smart mystery writers do; write the ending first. Nothing not to get. They thought it would be too much trouble to clean the town so they nuked it. Things that weren't resolved were simply dissolved. Nobody's smarter for liking the ending to Lost because nobody didn't get the ending. Many were just insulted that they were made to think they should pay attention to a bunch of things that the writers never intended to pay off.

So tell me, what wasn't resolved?

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I didn't take it as a twist at all, maybe because I wasn't expecting ghosts (because that would have been horribly stupid), and it wasn't even remotely jarring the way it unfolded and seemed to flow naturally. Then again I am good at dropping or not even having expectations in the first place, which I realize most people are not that way. I feel bad for people who were expecting some sort of "boo" moment.

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Well you make a good point, but are missing the message of the game entirely. You are SUPPOSED to think something really crazy happened. May it be supernatural, suicide, etc. However, once you make it to the end, you should feel a sense of relief, and maybe happy that it turned out the way it did. The "horror" aspect of the game was necessary to convey what would otherwise be a very simple story about a teenage runaway dealing with her sexuality. Try to see it from a different perspective. Turning a simple, everyday story into something more by using these "trappings" seems quite brilliant to me.

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Something tells me Gone Home is as much a story of the supernatural element as the next Call of Duty game is.

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