I Really hate to ask this. (Major Spoilers)

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Basically i can't play this game, i only have a 5 year old netbook in my house, and the idea of watching some else play this seems horrible to me.

so as i said i really hate to ask this but can someone give me a description of what happens, how you find out. i could wait 6 months and save up for a pc but id like to buy a ps4 in november and by the time i'd have saved up i probably would have forgotten all about this

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Can you post specs? The game really isnt that demanding to begin with, and the system requirements given by devs on these types of games (smaller indie games) arent always accurate.

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I wouldn't watch someone else play it but I also don't think hearing what happened will be the payoff you're looking for either. The joy of this game is in discovering the details for yourself so it really needs to be played to be properly consumed. Just wait until you get a chance to play it yourself. Maybe meet some local gaming chums and play it at a friend's house? Or just be patient and play it sometime down the line. No one line can spoil all it has to offer but it could chip away at the potential experience contained within. The less you've seen the better.

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Describing it would ruin it. I played it on a 3-4 year old laptop on low at 720p with a moderate framerates. Maybe, if you are ok with a low resolution, you could still play it.

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I don't think you'd really get anything out of someone just telling you what happens. The way the plot is delivered is very integral to the experience, and knowing the specific story beats would probably only diminish your enjoyment.


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