Inventory and other item questions (SPOILERS)

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The inventory screen has space for 9 items. Has anyone found all nine?

In particular, I have: 1. Passport, 2. Boarding pass, 3. Spare key from Christmas Duck, 4. Completed combination for Sam's room, 5. Basement key, 6. Attic key, 7. ???, 8. ???, 9. ???

From reading the localization text files, I believe two of the missing three items are "little allen wrench" and "vent tool". For one of these, there is the message "this can open the heating vent covers on the first floor", and I'm obviously very curious about what might be found in there.

Other unresolved questions I have, based on the text file messages:

1. There's a message "Frob Me Delicately" -- what does that apply to?

2. Another message is, "There's nothing I don't hate right now." What's that about?

3. One message is "twist sconce" -- which sconce is twistable? (There are a lot of them!)

4. There's a note from Lonnie which includes the text, "The Army is this thing I grew up with". Where's that from?

5. Another note excuses S&L's use of the darkroom by talking about a "SUPER INTENSIVE" final project. I don't think I found that note either.

6. Finally, there's a 17th birthday card from Uncle Harvey mentioned in a few places (and there's a picture on these forums). Where is that found exactly?

Can anyone help me with these? I've been enjoying going back, now that's I've finished the game, and tying up some loose ends that I missed the first time through. Thanks!

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2. Is a condom you find in your dad's drawer in the master bedroom

6. Is behind the counter in the foyer right next to the front door, left side.

Sorry that's all I remember off hand, I know I read 4 but not sure where.

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Found 2, in dad's lower right clothes drawer. Thanks. Found 6, too, right where you said.

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o_o Wait you can put the condom in your inventory?

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BeachThunder: no, but there's a special message that's shows after you grab then drop it.

No one has offered any ideas about the other inventory items yet...

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@cscottnet: #4 is the note in the washer from Lonnie explaining how her dad was in the army and how his army pals are like family to her. It is right before you walk into the Greenhouse or whatever it is called with all the plants and the typewriter.

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Did anyone ever find the other inventory items such as the allen wrench?

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