Just finished this...feeling more than a little depressed.

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I'm not sure why but this game, while not perfect, definitely triggered some loneliness in me. I'm a 30 yr old male so I grew up in the 90's. I'm at a time in my life where all my friends are far away. I just wanted to express this and see if anyone can relate to feeling this way after playing.

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I felt happy once I beat it, has a good little ending

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Judging by the title of this thread I thought it was because you bought this shit.

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The endings happy, more people should love who they love and ignore their parents approval.

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I had a really emotional response to this game too. I think the setting made the game very easy to empathize with for 90's kids. I was happy by the end of game but I definitely had plenty of lonely feelings along the way. Understandable duder.

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@onomatopoeia: QFT, I was depressed after playing it that the game was overhyped to the extent it was.

Wait, did I call it a game? I meant interactive short story

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I'm not sure if I could call the ending happy. For me, I felt their were too many hints that she was alive so I never expected her to be dead ever. But running off with your high school sweetheart with just a few vcrs to hock for cash is pretty foolish, whether it's a girl or a guy. It totally hit a chord with me as I had a guy friend in high school that was kind of a "bad" influence on me. But then just a year out, while out of state, I met this girl that was into punk rock music and did the whole swapping cds and poems and she made me a mix tape. Actually, the more I think about it, besides the location there were some similarities. We also wrote each other hundreds of letters that we swapped secretly, where i wrote in a notebook and then she did, only they were pages long. And our relationship grew over time.

To make a long story short, for weird religious reasons(ie; because of her religion) our relationship was also taboo. Or rather she was forbidden to see me, especially once her parents found out about "us", which was toward the end. The relationship lasted about a year and a half but it felt like so much less because it was always stolen moments few and far between. Despite the fact that we were adults that were more like Kate's age. We talked about eloping and just driving off somewhere. And at times it felt like we might just do it. But, she didn't want to alienate her family and I didn't want her resenting me for that the rest of her life. So I moved back home and eventually broke it off because we were at a stand still. She eventually moved away from her home and got married. And here I am 10 years later and I haven't loved anyone like that since

Now that I type that out, I finally realize why this story resonated with me. Despite being slightly more angsty and what-not. And it was over so quickly as well. To be honest, I wasn't even sure I liked the game when it ended, the love story was almost too straight-forward. But it definitely had an effect on me. I still have mixed feelings about it.

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Nothing about the game really worked for me, but I can definitely see why it would trigger loneliness. You're by yourself, experiencing the lives of other people vicariously through notes.

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Gone Home was a real emotional experience for me. It left me in this weird melancholic state for like 2 days. And then when I recovered enough to shoot a review, I teared up at least 3 times just by talking about the game. Just had to ride it out. Most of my friends live far as well, one who actually joined the military straight out of high school, so that aspect of Lonnie's character really hit home. Spending time just sitting around listening to music helped me get all those excess emotions out since there wasn't really anyone around to talk about the game and it's impact on me.

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