Looking For a List of Journal Entries

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Just played through the game, really liked it, been reading some of the threads afterwards and discovering some things I missed. I already feel like I combed the house over pretty good and really don't want to give it another go-over, so I was wondering if anyone knows where to find a list of where all the triggers for Sam's journals are? I've got 21 and I read there's 23 total somewhere. Based on a screenshot I know I'm missing at least May 19.

Any help would be appreciated.

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May 19 is triggered by finding a story on the table in the kitchen.

I have 22 total. I guess 23 probably counts the last one that ends the game? Either that or I'm missing one and somebody needs to help me find it ASAP.

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Here's a screenshot of all my journals if it helps.

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@thunderweasel: If you're still looking, I think the one you're missing is called Just Gone. It's dated May 1, and for me shows up on the list AFTER the May 19th one. I think it's in the garage, should be pretty obvious what triggers it.

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@asmo917: I don't know if he was but I was and that was exactly the one I needed so thanks!

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The only one I'm missing is "Adjusting to the Dark", I have no idea where it is. Help?

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@princess_zelda: I think it's in the library in the hidden compartment by the heater, or maybe in the secret passage leading from the library to the parent's closet. I just remember heading up some secret stairs while listening to that log. Also, that is one of my favorite logs.

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@raethen: Thanks, it was in that spot by the library heater.

I only missed 3 in my initial playthrough and it's unfortunate that that was one of them.

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@princess_zelda: Yeah, fortunately I only missed the nunnery one my first play through and it was only really a joke in the log. I've gone back in a few times though for different reasons, and always end by opening the journal. Those last lines for Sam get me every time and I love it.

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I found 23 journals, not including the end in my playthrough. You guys are missing at least one.

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I'm missing "I Can Sing" any tips?

*edit* Never mind, found it. It was the Girlsscout setlist, hanging in the basement.

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@asmo917: Thanks! I found it. If it was non-obvious to anyone else, it's the hat on the bicycle.

@Gnubberen: I don't remember exactly where that one is, but I'm pretty sure it was near a cassette player, either in the basement or in one of the "secret" passageways.

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I'm missing "Ship Date" and "The Nunnery" so any pointers as to where those are it would be greatly appreciated.

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@mattadord: The Nunnery is found in the hall leading to the dining room/ kitchen area. There is a school folder that lies open, you should probably do something about that. I think Ship Date is towards the start of the basement near the main stairs down. If not, it may be near the area where you find the key for the basement.

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Where's "Daniel"? Thanks!

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@kalmia64: I'm pretty sure that one is in the kitchen.

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I'm missing the one called just gone. Any help?

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Only missing "Default Friends" :( if anyone remembers where it is that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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@kollay: I think that may be in the bar room.

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@raethen: Thanks for the fast response! And WOW I can't believe I missed that. An entire freaking room with a door.

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@raethen: Can you clarify which room you mean by bar room? I'm having trouble finding it.

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@tigerthecat5: It's the room on the left around the corner from the TV room before the door to the basement.

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It's referred to as "Music Room" on the map, I think.

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The last journal isn't the one that ends the game.

It's this hidden one where you find the purple ball in the garage, and dunk it in Sam's room. o_o

Here's how to get it.


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Anyone know where "It's different now" is?

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@angouri: Can I have hints or just plane tell me where Just Gone and Daniel are? Nevermind got them.

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@exiler261: hey, can you help me with "it's different now"?

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@notsonic: I think that one might be at the bottom of the main stairs to the basement, or possibly where you find the basement key. It's been some time, and I got that one out of order because I went into the basement through the secret stairs.

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@raethen: no good, either I've gotten it and it didn't save, whatever item it might've been glitched out, or I really can't find whatever it is.

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@raethen: found it! it is in the basement, first room at the bottom of the stairs, there's something on the boxes in front of the couch.

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