Missing one journal *Spoilers*

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After seeing some screenshots I'm missing the journal titled "The Nunnery" does anyone remember which item activated this one? I figure it's in the basement but I just can't seem to locate it. Thanks.

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It's in the east wing of the house, right inside on a little table. You have to close a folder to find a little scrap of paper that triggers it.

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Thanks, damn I closed just about every other folder in the house looking for papers.

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How many journals are there, actually? Don't think I have all of them. Do they basically fit the page (24, I think)? Currently, I'm 2 off from that.

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23 journals, so just 1 more.

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Thought I'd just piggyback on this. I seem to be missing one journal and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction?

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You're missing one called "Just Gone" from May 1. It was probably in the east wing of the house. Try this hat in the garage?

Any idea where you found "Dedication"?

Edit: Found it. For anyone else, it's this crumpled up piece of paper, behind a secret panel in the hallway past the dining room.

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I think I found Just Gone by looking at the crumpled up paper in the trash bin in the garage (Far side of the room).

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@angouri said:

I think I found Just Gone by looking at the crumpled up paper in the trash bin in the garage (Far side of the room).

Just Gone is triggered in the garage by picking up Lonnie's hat on the bike.

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I've got everything (including the secret 24th one) except for "It's Different Now" and "Dedicated".

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@donutfever: "Dedicated" is in the garage on the bike. I think "It's Different Now" may be in the guest room, or maybe in the art or sewing room. Also, what's this about a 24th entry? Never mind.

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I'm going to have to fire my game up tonight, Just Gone was the only one I was missing, and I swear there was no hat on that bicycle. I know I looked the bicycle over seeing if anything was there.

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@bjorndadwarf: It's on the handle.

@raethen: I found "Just Gone" on the bike (that didn't stop me from picking up the hat again just in case).

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@donutfever: Shit sorry, I was going off the title and what I remembered of journal entries. I went back into the game and read it, I think that may be in the basement, towards the main stairs. Or maybe where you find the key. I kind of wish you could go back and retrigger the audio logs.

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