No mouse cursor in start menu

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When I start the game my mouse cursor is not there and I can only move which button is selected with the arrow keys, and no button presses on the keyboard, but when the controller (360 gamepad) was connected to the computer I could press buttons with A but not control anything else with it. I have tried reinstalling with no success.

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Its fixed now, I uninstalled a driver and it worked.

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Super weird. Glad you've got it working. The game's fascinating.

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Yeah, I have finished it now, cried several times during the audio logs, It was very emotional. What this game did is also why I liked amnesia so much, even though that game has more gameplay elements to it.

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Just had this issue as well. Turns out the game was trying to use my G27 as the controller. Disabling it in Device Manager solved the problem.

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Having the same issue, appreciate it if you'd let us know what driver you uninstalled.

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It was a driver from a program that is called FacetrackNoIR that would work as trackir but just tracking a head with a normal webcam. The driver it installed was called Vjoystick or Virtualjoystick. So it could probably be some other controller interfering for you.

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For myself, I had to disable 'Logitech Freedom 2.4 USB' (joystick) in the Control Panel Device Manager, under 'Human Interface Devices'.

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