Question about system requirements.

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I really want to check this game out, however, my laptop is no high-end gaming rig. I play less graphically-taxing things on it like Hotline Miami and Papers, Please, which I know aren't going to make the game chug like garbage. I can also get away with some TF2, provided there isn't too much chaos onscreen at one time.

Having said that, can this game be run on a modest system? I can't tell from the system requirements in Steam. It does not look like something I should have to worry about, but I don't want to spend $20 to find out that it runs like shit.

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Well, what components does your system actually have? The specs listed on the Steam page are sort of the thing to go by. If you're unfamiliar with that sort of thing, we can definitely help you if you post your specs but "modest system" is such a broad, ethereal term that there's no way to say for sure without more info.

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Well, it says it'll run on Intel HD 4000. There're a few options to mess around with in-game, too. I'll try installing it on my MacBook Air and let you know how that turns out.

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I run a stock Vaio EA series laptop that I bought in early 2011 with Windows 7 and no modifications. Basically, a mid-range consumer-grade laptop not necessarily designed with games in mind.

Well, it says it'll run on Intel HD 4000. There're a few options to mess around with, but I'll try installing it on my MacBook Air and let you know how that turns out.

That'd be great. I may take the plunge anyway because it makes me feel good to throw money at indies regardless of whether or not it benefits me.

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@royalewifcheese: So, on a MacBook Air with Intel HD 4000 graphics (minimum recommended), it defaults to low settings, and is a bit framey. The textures are pretty muddy on low as well. But, as mentioned in the quick look, this is not an action game, and so framerate really doesn't determine the experience. If I had to guess, I'd say it was running at about 25-28 fps.

Having already finished the game, I'd say if you're interested (and if your graphics card is at least 4000 series), then go for it. It's a fascinating experience.

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I decided to get it, and I'm enjoying it despite finding out that on lowest settings, the framerate is somewhere in the high teens. It's games like this that make me sad I didn't just spring for a gaming PC.

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Hi guys I have a similar question. My laptop has a Radeon 5470 graphics card. Can anyone tell me if it'll run this OK or whether it'll run like hot, salty garbage?

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I have an older Macbook Pro with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 (lower than supposedly required), and I was able to get okay performance out of even that. I had to mess with the graphic settings a bit and the framerate's still not great, but it runs well enough to enjoy it. Still a great game.

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system specs can be wrong sometimes. When devs come up with these recommendations, they usually account for very few things. They're probably assuming you want to render the game at 1080p, which isn't always the case. They also might assume you want your fps to be at 60, which also isnt ALWAYS necessary.

EX: The new DmC's minimum and recommended specs should DEMOLISH my shitty 4 year old laptop, but since it's resolution is 1366x768 and I'm fine with 30 and above FPS, I can run it at the highest possible settings. V-sync and the best AA. And it runs REALLY great.

It also depends on how well optimized the game is. I'm guessing most people should be able to run this game, but since the dev is small they probably didn't optimize as well as they should have (which is very disappointing).

Which is why I'll probably wait to pick this up on sale. I'd be pissed if I paid 20 bucks on a game I should be able to run well. The standard of quality on game optimization is, sometimes, really poor on pc.

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