Somewhat got spoiled; should I still get it? (Spoilers).

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I'll be to the point: I know that the story has a happy ending and that the sister didn't commit suicide in the attic. Considering what I said was true, to what extent will my experience be damaged? Is there something more to the story? Basically, should I get the game, considering? A simple yes or no would suffice. Thanks, in advance.

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Yes, there's still more to the game. Sure the ending might not be quite as impactful but there's other minor story lines and neat things to discover along the way.

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Having the mystery of the attic not be as strong is a bummer but I say go for it anyway.

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Yeah, get it when it's cheap.

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There's still a ton of great stuff in the game. Yes

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You should do what you want, The other night i wanted to watch Braveheart before Netflix tossed it. What you should think about is if you want to give The Fullbright Company twenty dollars. Do they deserve your money? They seem like nice people who care about the product they put out.

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No unless it is like $5. Ending is the best part of the story and knowing it going in means no suspense.

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Absolutely. I think you're being silly if you genuinely thought they were actually going to have someone hanging in the attic. You've been spoiled on nothing.

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I've found that there is a direct correlation between your expectations going into Gone Home and your views on the experience once it's done. I knew going into the game that a) it was not at all a horror game, and that the tension had zero payoff, b) the main story was about two young girls falling in love, and c) if you knew where you were going you could beat it in 5 mins. Having this knowledge going in - coupled with my lack of 90s nostalgia and my general disdain for the petty naval-gazing ruminations of teenagers - made Gone Home a massive bummer.

I can't imagine how I could have willed myself into playing the game if I knew that the massively anti-climactic, asinine, and spectacularly stupid ending was coming. I have something of a hard time recommending Gone Home at all, but especially not if you know details as major as the ending.

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I knew roughly the same spoiler and if you can get it for dirt cheap Id still recommend it. The way the story is presented to you is really the best part of the game, not weather or not the sister is dead. That said even if you didn't know the spoiler it would be hard for me to recommend justifying the full price for that game. It's a really good experience but if you're someone on a budget the enjoyment length to money ratio isn't very good.

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Well, at least now my expectations are in check. Thanks everyone. The game's $10 by the way on their website.

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That's not even the part that matters. I don't think most people liked the game for that reason.

It's akin to knowing that Samus is female and thinking that that might ruin a Metroid game. It doesn't really matter that much or will affect how the game might affect you.

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