Terrible performance for no reason?

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Its virtually unplayable on the lowest setting and I have no idea why! Im running it on a laptop with an i3 and a GTX460m that can run Skyrim and the Witcher 2 quite easily on medium-high.

Any ideas?

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Had that issue too, I think the game couldnt recognize my video card for some reason.

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Well clearly there is some reason why it's running terrible. Your title is misleading.

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In all seriousness, I imagine it's something with your drivers or your card not being read. Id start there first.

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Your cpu could be the problem, cause I ran it on medium to high settings with a way worse graphics card (330m), but a way better cpu (i7), and it ran fine.

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Sorry for the late reply folks. Turned out it was my controller causing the problems! I was using a 360 pad through a wireless adapter but when I switched to mouse the game ran fine!

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