Thank YOU for making Gone Home a less lonely experience

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Hello people. I got to the end of Gone Home some hours ago. This may be a little sentimental and is directed to who has finished the game, so there are spoilers.

For some time, as I get older I've had changes to my views and tastes on videogames. After realizing how finite my time is and how "infinite" games and everything else is and will be, I decided to make what I judge to be better use of my time, playing only what I believe to be worthy experiences - be it a deep drama or very fun platformer, no presumptions here -, stopping the craze of giving in to '"to-beat" game lists and spending time away.

And that's exactly what I think of Gone Home: worthy. It's mysterious, haunting, touching, and I know that all of this is so subjective. What people assume and feel while playing and what people are able to piece together is what will change each one's experience.

So after getting to the end of the story, I went for one of the few boards that I know to see what others felt about it. Not a great idea, as what most stuck out in the place was loathing and people making their best to make known their opinions on how bad of a game this is, a behavior that apparently infects the web. It is a shame that a huge place where people from everywhere is connected shows so much negativeness, but I suppose the more different people is involved, the more conflicts are bound to happen. Of course I know that what I saw is a tiny fraction of the internet, but still, I felt disappointed that even gaming, whose people I sometimes like to imagine as a united tribe - couldn't be more naive, huh -, can often be a lonely experience.

Buuut, after walking out of that board and seeing about other of the game stuff on the net, I ended up here. And for my surprise and joy, what stuck out the most was people actually discussing the game, its backgrounds and its not-so-clear events, making jokes about it, having fun with it. Even if what I saw is a fraction of this board as well, it is what lifted my spirits up. This game reminds me of David Cage, from Quantic Dreams' Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, really not quite like Gone Home but story-driven games as well, talking about how games can be Too something besides killing and shooting and scoring points, and be about stories and emotions and feelings and people. It's visible that some don't have a much broader definition of what a game is, but oh well.

Finally, I want to share a bit about myself. I'm a 19-year-old guy with relationships issues at general, Especially at home - not gay ones, though. I was an absented-minded student in my school years and I admire Sam's creative writing. I think it's sad when parents think the best they can do for their daughters and sons is to turn into strangers or/and enemies, like Sam's, instead of being a family, actually aiding them to create themselves. I like surfing, skating, reading.. for a living though, I still don't have a clear idea of what I really want to do, I've never developed many skills that I'm aware of. The next game I plan to play is The Stanley Parable! If you feel like making known a little of what kind of person-that-likes-this-game you are, please do so!

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There are some people on this forum that didn't like the game, but it never came out as frothing, some people frothed hatred towards the game on other corners and sub corners of the internet, but the worst I ever saw on this forum was people thinking it got far to much praise and fell short. So generally the community was pretty cool towards it.

I loved the WW2/Menstrual Cycle creative writing piece Sam did, one of my favorite/most memorable parts of the game.

Good choice with Stanley Parable, although portions of Stanley lead you around and portions of Gone Home lead you around they both have a very cool "Go on, just start walking and see what happens, who knows?" Very good games to follow one another up with and unfortunate that there aren't many like them, then again maybe it is fortunate that there aren't many like them, maybe I can appreciate Gone home and Stanley Parable as much as I do because I get the chance to go "Woah, that's different" but if there were 50 of them it would just be "oh there's another one" so maybe having an outsideish of the box game once in a while is better then all of the time.

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@zolroyce: That's exactly what I was going to say. I did really enjoy it, but part of my enjoyment comes from the fact that it's unique (I know there are some other games that have attempted this but I haven't played them). I feel like if this turns into a genre, I wouldn't be as interested in more of this type of game.

@r9ro: Allow me to welcome you to GiantBomb! People sure like to talk about games here, among other things... If you haven't seen it yet, I think the podcast video on the front page is a good example of a typical banter between the crews. But I would also like to spread the Ryan Davis love by referring you to this tribute video: Ryan was GiantBomb's co-founder, and I think a huge driving force behind GiantBomb's style and sense of humor. He passed away earlier this year.

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