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Hi. I have a windows 8 all in one HP computer. I got it as a gift for Christmas 2012. I want to play the game, but before I spend 20 dollars, I want to know will it play on my PC? I haven't played a computer game in several years. I figured since my computer isn't that old it would be able to run it. How do I find out before buying?

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Well, if you don't have your system specs on hand, you can run DXDiag to find out your system hardware.

To be honest though, if your computer is powerful enough to currently run Windows 8, it can probably handle this game.

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This game isn't graphically demanding at all and there are low-medium-high options for the graphics so I'm sure you can dial it down if needed. The game file is only 500mbs so there aren't a million textures and lighting effects to load. Not that this is a bad thing, you play this game for the story not the look. If you are hoping for a Dear Esther-like showcase you may be disappointed. Basic things like a sound effect when you a drop and object on the floor are missing. I played this on a Windows 8 machine (a mid-range gaming PC) and it runs fine on the OS.

A bigger concern would be hardware. The mouse sensitivity on my machine was crazy but I learned to deal with it. You may run into some display problems so I would look around to see if people are having problem with your GPU and display.

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These are the minimum specs for Gone Home: Windows XP SP2 or higher, 1.80GHz Processor, 2GB Memory, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 2GB HDD space
To run windows 8 you must have at least: 1GHz processor, 1GB memory, 16 GB HDD Space, Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device compatible

I'm going to say that you should be able to run it. To be sure press your windows key and type "dxdiag" and press enter. This will open a window that will show you the exact specs of your machine.

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Did you ever find out if it has any problems on windows 8?

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