bassguy's Gone Home (Steam) (Mac) review

Plays with your expectations, and makes something beautiful

Discussing this game is difficult because the less you know when you play it, the better the experience is. I refuse to spoil any of the experience, but I must say that this is a must-play game. The voice acting is amazing, the aesthetic is effective, and the story is impactful. By the end of this short experience, you will care deeply for these characters without ever meeting them.


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    Gone Home is a game that starts by placing you into the body of a young woman named Katie who has just returned to her family’s new house from backpacking around Europe. You are greeted with a surprising, suspicious note from her sister, Sam, which sparks immediate curiosity. The rest of the game is spent searching the 1995 mansion for clues as to what has happened to her sister and parents. We learn many facts about family members and friends as we progress through the house and slowly un...

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