halliday_uk's Gone Home (Steam) (PC) review

Not what you think, likely to stay with you - go buy it

I will keep this brief so as to not give anything away. This game is probably best approached without reaching too much about it, but suffice to say that the story is likely to stay with you a while. Play this for an example of a true story telling game.


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    The Emperor has no clothes 0

    I am baffled. Absolutely, totally baffled by the critical reception that this game has received. I find it unfathomable that anybody over the age of about 15 could find the story in this game to be deep, complex, or endearing. Gone Home is a short experience that is worth nowhere near the $20 price tag that it carries on Steam. I bought it on sale for 66% off and it wasn't even worth it then. It lasts about two hours, which is about an hour and 45 minutes too long. The game's exploration and le...

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    Gone Home was awesome 0

    Well, this game needs no further accolades as it is quite the darling of most critics. However, I will still write my thoughts. I thought for sure that there would be no surprises for me as I had heard multiple podcasters discuss this game. I was wrong. What surprised me was, initially I admit I rolled my eyes at the premise of the story. One thing that I noticed throughout the game though was that I wanted to know how it ended. I felt like I knew something about the protagonist. And then I st...

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