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Gooey is one of Kirby's best friends. He made his debut as a helper character in Kirby's Dream Land 2. In this game he made his arrival whenever Kirby succeeded in defeating a mini-boss that had imprisoned the same friend that Kirby was already traveling with. If Kirby touched Gooey he would collect him like an item and receive a single life bar. In this game Gooey had an apparent girlfriend who randomly appeared in his place. She was worth an extra life if collected.

In Kirby's Dream Land 3 Gooey appeared as a helper and a playable character for the first time. He has nearly all of the same abilities as Kirby does, and he can travel with animal friends just like Kirby can. Unlike Kirby however, he eats things with a long tongue instead of inhaling them. While he may normally be controlled by the CPU, a second player can take control of him at any time. Gooey has not made any major appearances since this game.

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