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Goombella and Mario at the Glitz Pit, ready to face Rawk Hawk.

Goombella is a smart, though sassy, student from Goomba University. She comes to Rogueport in search of her Archeology teacher, Professor Frankley. After asking questions around town about the Crystal Stars, she is confronted by Lord Crump and turns to Mario for her defense just as he arrives in Rogueport. After defeating Crump, Goombella agrees to aid Mario in helping him find Princess Peach, making her Mario's first partner of the game. Goombella's field ability is called Tattle, which allows her to tell Mario all about their surroundings and any nearby NPCs. This can also be used in battle to determine an enemy's health and weakness. After the enemy has been Tattled, a health bar will appear over that type of enemy's head throughout the rest of the game. In the pause menu the player can find a Tattle Log, which records all of Goombella's Tattles. Beyond Tattling, Goombella's main attack is her Headbonk, where she jumps in the air and headbutts an enemy. Eventually, you can unlock Multibonk, an ability that allows you to keep attacking the enemy as long as you don't miss the action command, and Rally Wink, a move that allows Mario to have an extra turn.

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