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At a Glance

Gender: Male
Occupation: Pauper
Residence:Jesan Sextius's House
Related Characters: Jesan Sextius's cares for Gorgo and has given him a bed inside his home.
Spouse: None
Quests: None


12 pm: Wakes up and starts daily trek to The Counts Arms.
12:10 pm - 2 pm: Eats breakfast in side room. While there are other characters eating in the building, Gorgo decides to eat alone.
2 pm: Walks back home
2:10 pm - 4pm: Stands in his room and in the hallway outside his room.
4 pm: Sets out for Morvayn's Peacemaker.
6pm: Leaves Morvayn's Peacemaker.
6:30 pm: Arrives back at her room.
6:30 pm - 8 pm: Eats dinner upstairs.
8 pm - 12 am: Stands in her room.
12 am: Goes to sleep.


Gorgo gro-Shura is one of only two Orcs in Anvil and has a very lazy lifestyle. First off, he is a Pauper that has been taken in by the generous Jesan Sextius. He sleeps in a small bed right at the top of the stairs of the house; sleeping seems to be something Gorgo loves since he does it half the day. When not sleeping Gorgo is eating and keeping to himself; he is seldom seen talking with other people. He hints at having his eyes on some "hot prospects" in the town. Is it possible that this Orc is looking for love?

Gorgo gro-Shura carries the following objects:
1 Coarse Linens
1 Flax Tunic
1 Oiled Linen Shoes
1 Blackberry
1 Jesan Sextius Key
56 Gold

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