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Goron City is located in the base of Death Mountain, Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is the home of the Goron race. This city is ruled over by Darunia. Some points of interest are a shop, Medigoron's Blade Store, and a secret entrance to the Lost Woods since the Gorons enjoy Saria's music. As a child, Link takes on Darunia's request to rid Dodongo's Cavern of a curse cast by Ganondorf. If he succeeds, he is rewarded the Goron Ruby, a Spiritual Stone needed to continue on his quest. Later, when Link returns as an adult, he finds that most of the Gorons have gone missing, and they are actually held captive by Volvagia in the Fire Temple. Link must rescue them and defeat Volvagia in order to obtain the Fire Medallion.

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