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Every other online shooter seems to get the same treatment, so here goes guys. Post your platform, steam/psn/gamertag (add the one that applies) and giantbomb username so you can get some jolly cooperation on with other duders.

I'll update the table every day or so for the first week depending how it goes.

PlatformSteam ID/PSN Tag/GamertagGiantbomb Username
Xbox 360MysteriousFawxMysteriousFawx
Xbox 360KleptobotDocHaus
Xbox 360BruticBrutik
Xbox 360fox01313fox01313
Xbox 360ValiantGrizzlydigitalsea87
Xbox 360Gi jethroMoody_yeti
Xbox 360ShademongerShademonger
Xbox 360ExplodingTubaExplodingTuba
Xbox 360Ghetto BondGhettoBond
Xbox 360Perfidious SinnPerfidiousSinn
Xbox 360Dibdab75dibdab
Xbox 360PoompowTooSweet
Xbox 360Cosmic BatmanDFL017
#2 Posted by DocHaus (1598 posts) -

@MysteriousFawx: Here's hoping the dedicated servers get patched soon...

XBOX GT: Kleptobot

#3 Posted by Brutik (14 posts) -

360: Brutic

Not that great at the game, but its a lot of fun

#4 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

360: fox01313

Curious to see the free DLC stuff as well as seeing more of it but with the recent hassle I've had lately with trying to keep the game connected, I've been diving into some other games instead of watching the spinner icons trying to connect or getting into matches where it's got such small numbers (at or less than 3 on each side). Hopefully this is fixed soon as there's lots of things that are fun about the game.

#5 Posted by ValiantGrizzly (501 posts) -

360 gamertag: ValiantGrizzly

Been playing quite a bit of this game, feel free to hit me up.

#6 Posted by Moody_yeti (384 posts) -

360 GT :Gi jethro

Looking for duders to heal/let me revive them :3

#7 Posted by Shademonger (161 posts) -

XBox 360 Gamertag : Shademonger

I've been playing a lot of Fumigation, with my primary custom class Pointman. Chaperone, Motivator, Care Package, Targeting Goggles, Speedy. Let me be your field intel and logistics specialist, won't you?

#8 Posted by ExplodingTuba (115 posts) -

Xbox 360 GT: ExplodingTuba

Consistently play as a field medic. Heavy Body Type, Dawn Patrol, Motivator, Motion Detector. Add me and we can kick flail our arms wildly together.

#9 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

PS3: rawrsair

I play this a fair bit

#10 Edited by DarkShaper (1362 posts) -

PS3: DarkShaper. Original, I know.

#11 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

@DarkShaper: I am also just as original as you.

#12 Posted by GhettoBond (76 posts) -

Add me! Xbox 360. Gamertag: Ghetto Bond

#13 Posted by bushpusherr (938 posts) -

PC: bushpusherr

Im on a lot, and getting a few dudes together makes matchmaking so much faster

#14 Posted by GhettoBond (76 posts) -

Xbox 360 duders, I've added a bunch of you to my friends list. Except for ExplodingTuba. It says your gamer tag is invalid for some reason :(

#15 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (803 posts) -

360: Perfidious Sinn

Just in case you need someone to go last place a bunch of times.

#16 Posted by dibdab (77 posts) -

Platform: 360

Gamer tag: Dibdab75

Got this game when it first came out just starting to get time with it now.

#17 Posted by dibdab (77 posts) -

Ok Guys have added a few of you so if you see a friend request out of the blue you know why

#18 Posted by TooSweet (436 posts) -

Xbox 360: Poompow

#19 Posted by Disobedience (37 posts) -

STANKBEATER on the xbox

#20 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -

If anyone is still playing this, I have it

PSN: WR311

Xbox GT: TJ311

#21 Posted by AngeTheDude (754 posts) -

Steam: angethedude

#22 Posted by JohnZimmerman (242 posts) -

CIOTOG on xbox

#23 Posted by TerraDelu (525 posts) -

360 gamertag TerraDelu I'm always looking for games! Still trying to get the last few achievements too.

#24 Posted by shootermcclay (229 posts) -

Got this game with PS+ and finally getting to it.

PSN ID: cjm038000

#25 Posted by KiLlerBLT (60 posts) -


So I'm a bit late to this party but I've been playing a while. I'm not super hardcore at this game, and I'm only halfway good at it, but if anyone ever wants to play:

XBOX 360: CO Killer B L T

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