great for psn plus

#1 Posted by BoFooQ (714 posts) -

I've been playing this the last few days and it's great. Getting it for free from psn plus is wonderful too. I think a game like this works perfectly for the new plus program. One, it gets a lot more people playing a game that came out months ago. Two, if you can't wait to level up you can spend real money and unlock some stuff early, which gives the game makers more money. Three, the people who bought the game when it came out and have been playing the whole time, I think I saw a guy at level 600, have a huge group of newbies to crush.

I have already gotten the $50 worth for my year. I like the idea of more "free" games and micro charges for people who want to go through them faster.

#2 Posted by Pudge (908 posts) -

Totally agree. I've hit on a few of the network issues that seem to have been plaguing this game from the start, but for the most part I'm having a blast. I love how quick leveling up is and how many challenges there are to complete, it feels like every match you're doing something towards your progression, it's very satisfying.

#3 Posted by TheHT (11670 posts) -

managed to play a match or three after sticking through the connection issues. it's great! just those connection issues make it so I only load it up when I REALLY want to play.

#4 Posted by deox (226 posts) -

I've been having a blast with it. So far, I'm really glad I gave PS+ a chance.

#5 Posted by toolzz360 (172 posts) -

yea i was debating whether or not to get it at launch, being free is awesome its a blast to play but damn those server issues and i also have had some problems finding matches in some modes

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