PC Version Problems

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Hello GB. 
I've read the reviews for the game and understand the PC version was not performing well at the game's launch, and I've held off on buying the console version to see if things get straightened out on the PC version, because it is the version I most want to play.  
Has anything been fixed, is it playable, how many people are actively playing? etc.

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Like you, I've been following the PC version after hearing about how bad it was, and it seems like they're aiming for a March patch that also includes some free maps.

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I don't think there's a lot of active players on a regular basis, sadly. It takes a long time to get into a game and that's even when it matches level 1's against level 80's. But I'm playing from europe and I don't know about your situation. I also have a lot of problems with disconnects.

Let's hope the march patch will fix it.

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