Some help understanding? + a spare ps3 beta key would be nice

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I've been anticipating Gotham City Impostors for a little while now and i didn't know until recently they had a beta going on!

I've been trying to google around and i've read so much i've confused myself with this whole beta part. Anybody who can help me out understanding during how long the beta will be running?

How do i get a beta key (a part from signing up for one at their official site and having to idle just to 'maybe' get one)?

And if nothing else, anyone who's been playing the beta that can say anything about the game - is it worth keeping you'r eyes pealed for a key or not?

Also, if you have a spare ps3 beta key you can make this batman fan utterly happy!

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@macky: I'm pretty sure you don't need a beta key. I've seen people say you need one but I just downloaded the beta on PSN and started playing. From what I played, I actually had fun so go give it a shot. It has some wacky things and I can't wait for it's release.

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Edit: You don't need a beta key. I'm downloading it right now on PSN.

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@awesomeusername: Thanks! By the way, what country are you from and what country did you select when making you'r PSN-login?

I'm having issues because i checked out the PS-Store to download Gotham City Impostors but i didn't find the game anywhere. Not even when i searched for it. Do anyone know why?

I'm located in Sweden and i've selected Sweden as my country for my PSN as well.

@BraveToaster: Yeah i did do that. But was thinking more of another way to get a hold of a beta key. My bad for not making it clear for starters.

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@macky: I'm from the United States but I have your answer right here. Make an American PSN account and download the beta. I made a European account to download the Battlefield 3 beta when it came out and it worked.

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@awesomeusername: Once again, Thanks!

Me being new to the whole PSN + PS3 what so ever, is there anything i should know of when making an new account so i don't get screwed for making an obvious or common mistake? So my old one (in some kind of weird way) don't get suspended. Or so they don't suspend my console in any way or such? Would suck since i've had the PS3 for less than a month haha.

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@macky: No problem man! The only way you'll get banned on PS3 is if you did something really stupid. They can't brick your console either from what I've heard. So there's nothing that can go wrong. Just don't try to pirate or hack games and stuff. But making an American account won't get you in trouble.

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Anyone else on PS3 having issues? I got through the tutorial stuff and then when I tried to get into a Fumigation (or whatever it's called) and it couldn't find a match and now whenever I load the game up it endlessly checks for updates or whatever.

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its awesome if you like competive fpses you'll dig it

the customization is really deep it looks like there could be some balance issues with the weapons but it is a beta after all

oh and think out of the box when playing there are so many crazy combinations of perks weapons and gadgets. mine for example is freeze gun with boomerang and smoke bombs.

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dont doesnt work at all. Sits at matchmaking screen and never finds anything. Waste of my time, Ill surely buy it when it comes out!

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@awesomeusername: Thanks for all the tips! I've DLed the beta for the ps3 now and i've been playing it a couple of days now. It's really epic actually! Though i have one problem and was thinking i could check with you (or anybody else who can reply on this matter):

I've unlocked the "Gangs" section on the game (unlocks at lvl 12 i think) but when i try to access it it says "Oops! Could not load gang data at this time. Please try again later". Anybody know why it's like this and/or how do i fix it? My stomach is saying it's some kind of bug. I really wanna access the Gangs section and find out what it is!

@spartanlolz92: I haven't tried a lot out yet! I was just about to purchase the boomerang and combine it with the gatekeeper + extended mags (really epic combo), and i'm running the bow as my secondary weapon! I'm thinking of getting the smoke bombs too but i don't really understand how they work so it feels a bit like risky business?

@MariachiMacabre and@handlas: I'm having the same issue but i sort of figured it out:

When you're matchmaking let it load for about 1-3 minutes, if you don't see anything happening (like you'r game name coming onto the game session screen or whatever) then just exit the matchmaking. Upon exiting there is a chance it will stall even here. So sometimes you'll have to hit the 'exit button' a few times and wait a few seconds (i've waited for about 10 sec - 1 min for it to exit) and when you've successfully exited just just join another game session again. Just repeat till it works. I'm lucky if i can join a session the first time but most of the time i'll have to repeat this process 2-3 times until i can actually play. But after tears comes laughter, totally worth it imo! Hope it helps you guys out at least, let me know if it helped anyone of you guys out :)

Does anybody know what the maximum level for the beta currently is? And what about the opportunity to unlock all weapons/gadgets/costumes - is it possible or do one have to choose wisely?

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it sucks

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@macky: I only got to like level 5 so I don't know but it sounds like a clan system to me. Maybe it's locked out right now. Try Googling it.

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Great fun.

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