This game is completely playable on PC now!

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After several updates, Gotham City Impostors is now completely playable on PC. Aside from the free content update, major changes include: they've overhauled the matchmaking system (got into a game in less than 2 seconds), fixed all the controller-focused UI to work better with a mouse, and there's now a FOV slider.

It's a shame that they didn't release this game playable. But at least they went back and fixed it back up. Community's still pretty active too (at least when I play). Just a heads up, folks!

(Note: game is still GFWL, unfortunately XD)


The game is a weekend deal on Steam as of right now. Go grab it here. It's 50% off at $7.49 USD. :)

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Are there still people playing this on the PC ?

I tried playing this when it first came out and got into 1 match after 2 hours of waiting around in the lobby room

but if that is fixed i might give it another go

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About 2 months too late, their effort has been wasted.

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@Tfruit: Well, 1 match after 2 hours was their matchmaking system, mostly. But they've completely changed it. Really fast now, among the best matchmaking systems I've used. Usually takes less than 20 seconds to get into a game. I'm playing right now--last match took 15 seconds.

@Gizmo: While this ADD-gamer commitment may be the case for smaller console games, most quality PC multiplayer games keep their solid niche audiences. The game is still tons of fun to play, and shouldn't be dismissed because of a poor launch.

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It's $7.50 on Steam, should I bother?

#6 Posted by MikeGosot (3235 posts) -
@Lukeweizer said:

It's $7.50 on Steam, should I bother?

Yes. Oh lord yes.
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Snapped it up for $7.50. None of the DLC is worth it right?

#8 Posted by Nonused (263 posts) -

@Barrock: No. All aesthetics and boosts.

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I'll wait for it to go F2P... Yes I'm a cheap bastard.

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@Barrock: It's very cash-shop-ey. Couple progress temp boosters, and couple cosmetic things can that can be unlocked by playing the game. It seems like Monolith are following the Team Fortress 2 model: silly cash shop that funds free content updates. At least, I hope that's the case.

@Deusx: It's $7 on Steam right now. This, along with the current 'premium' Age of Empires Online civs (at $5) are steals that people are missing out on. I don't understand how you can't impulsively throw such small handfuls of cash. If you like TF2, you will like this game, methinks.

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@Tfruit said:

Are there still people playing this on the PC ?

I tried playing this when it first came out and got into 1 match after 2 hours of waiting around in the lobby room

but if that is fixed i might give it another go

According to Steam stats, the peak amount of players was 517 today. That's good enough for matchmaking to work, and for you to not see the same people over and over again. Though yeah, those aren't Counter-Strike numbers or anything.

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Just picked this up, it was great fun for a few hours. I will probably play some more of it over the weekend. No trouble getting into matches, seems like the launch issues have been dealt with for the most part.

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@BisonHero: I think with these updates, this sale, and Totalbiscuit pimping the hell out of the game, it'll probably see a resurgence in players. And since there is no longer anything stopping players from enjoying the game (aside from the game itself), I'm sure a lot of that community will stick around.

There was a concern for a little while that the game would die. With proper updates and frequent Steam sales, I'm sure Monolith can keep it alive. At least, I hope they can--I think the game is brilliant fun.

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