Yo this game features FOUR batmen

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@demontium said:
So batmanbatmanbatman.com was a good idea right.... dude how about a game that lets you play as FOUR BATMEN.... batmanbatmanbatmanbatman.com.

This game better be at EVO, that's all I'm sayin'.
A First-Person Shooter at the EVO Fighting Game Championships? What?

I like the idea behind this game, hope it does well.
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@FLStyle: I DEMAND IT AND THAT's all..... its..a.teribble idea I know-BUT do it anyways!
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@demontium: Fair enough haha
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First person shooter? Where does it say that aside from the genre added to the wiki?

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I Am Batman.

sorry it had to be done
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Sounds weird, but I'm interested.

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Ah. I get it. Because Ryan talked about Batman like 2 years ago on a podcast. That's funny stuff.

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umm.. guns + batman? Isn't that against his rules?

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batman with guns is not a batman I want to see.

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@Dany Took the words right out of my mouth
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@Dany: I agree whole heartedly!
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@Dany:  You don't play as batman, you play as people impersonating batman and batman villains
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Batman had a gun back in the day because he wanted to be The Phantom. But then he realized no one can be The Phantom so he dropped it. I say pick the gun back up.

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@mrtroy said:

@Dany: You don't play as batman, you play as people impersonating batman and batman villains

well that sounds dumb.

i feel like Monolith was working on their own game and WB told them to put some batzman in there so it could sell...the idea of the game sounds terrible

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Three of those bat men don't belong there.. 
Which ones could it be.

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