Have any of you every heard of a little game called......

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have any of you guys ever heard/ played the Gothic series? 
i'm asking this because i just discovered a website devoted to Gothic and found out that they're making a new game 
i myself am a big fan of Gothic 1&2 (3 is just a big mess and i will not talk about it because it gives the series a bad name) and i enjoyed them a lot, but the game has very few fans in the US, so i'm afraid they might not release it here :( , and i can't speak any other language so i might have to import it from the UK or something
so i ask, how may people on Giant Bomb, a mostly american website(?), are fans of, or have even heard of, the Gothic series?

#2 Posted by OpenWideToSwim (56 posts) -

/wrists and black my eyes

#3 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2007 posts) -

I'd heard of the games but never really felt like they were games I wanted to waste money on, on Steam.  
What are they like, stylistically?
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@OpenWideToSwim said:
" /wrists and black my eyes "
Gothic was a fun PC game.
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Huge fan of the series here.

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