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Götz von Dark is the Vader-like ruler of the Holy Dark Empire and a repressive and cruel leader. He possesses massive "neuro power". There are rumours he may not even be a human anymore... 
Age: ? 
Weight: 102kg 
Height: 206cm 

ProximityMove NameCommandDescription
 Close Chopping Claw Up-left, heavy attack Gotz claws the opponent in the face.
 Close Makuunage Right, down, left, up, heavy attack Gotz lifts the opponent and slams them on the ground with telekinetic powers.
 Far Nerichagi Up-left, heavy attack Gotz lifts his leg high in the air and brings his heel down on the opponent's face.
 Far Zetsuenha Up, down, right, left Gotz fires a blast of energy from his belt, blowing the opponent back.
 Far Kishinha qcf to the left, special Gotz fires a steam of fire at the opponent.
 Far Goshoha Charge right, left, special Gotz swishes his cape with such force it creates a shockwave. This moves Gotz towards the opponent.
 Far Majinen Charge down, up, special Gotz fires streams of fire from both hands and his belt. This moves him towards the opponent.
 Far Chou Reppadan Rapidly press special Gotz gestures and creates a shockwave. This moves him towards the opponent.
 Far Ryuujinshinken Half-circle forward starting from the right, specia; Gotz fires an extremely powerful blast of white-hot energy at the opponent.

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