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When Grace moved to Rapture during The Great Depression, she continued her singing career by performing at The Limbo Room. Eventually, she noticed how Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine were profiting from the poor and began singing songs about their exploits. Through her singing she met a man named James who she wished to have children with. 
Grace took up counseling with Sofia Lamb due to her doubts of the economic stability of Rapture and personal issues. Grace realized that Lamb cared for the poor and was so impressed that she began handing out pamphlets "advertising" Sofia Lamb at the Limbo Room in an attempt to spread her ideals throughout the city. Her songs became more and more explicit against Ryan, who took notice and promptly caused James to disappear. This frightened Grace so much that she began singing propaganda about Ryan to save herself. Despite this, Grace still supported Lamb and Eleanor was put in her care when Lamb went to jail. Since she had always wanted children, this pleased her greatly. Unfortunately, Eleanor was soon kidnapped and turned into a Little Sister by Stanley Poole, who was working for Ryan. Grace was devastated and felt that she had failed Lamb. 
One day, she saw Eleanor walking with Subject Delta and tried to hold her hand. Delta responded by breaking her jaw, which led her to believe that Delta had kidnapped Eleanor.

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