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The Legacy Continues 0

Since 1998, Gran Turismo has been the epitome of simulation racing.  By constantly pushing the hardware's graphical potential, whether it was PS2 or PSX, Polyphony Digital lured gamers in with the pretty pictures and then assaulted the dazed gamers with some of the best physics and production values ever seen in videogames.  Gran Turismo 4 brings more of the same in that respect, alot more.  With over 700 cars and 100 tracks, this is the most stacked racing game ever.  For any racing sim fa...

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This is a fantastic game with loads of cars and tracks. 0

This game is a fantastic game with loads of cars and tracks and it keeps you happy. GT4 is an amazing game with plenty to do; You can play road, dirt, wet and even snow races. There is beginner races, professional races and extreme races which need to be unlocked by completing the set of races before it. That is not all, some races require either Domestic B, Domestic A, International B, International A and even Special Licence to compete in so i suggest doing a few licences first. You start off ...

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Aftermarket Parts on a Solid Chasis 0

As reviewed in the University of Virginia's Cavalier Daily Polyphony Digital's ground-breaking, expansive Gran Turismo series has defined the racing simulation market for the last eight years. Director Kazunori Yamauchi takes pride in mechanical detail and realism, and Gran Turismo 4, out now for the PlayStation 2, takes the series to the next level. For immediate racing action, GT4's arcade mode allows players to choose from an array of cars and tracks in time trial, versus and single race e...

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Puts You in the Driving Seat! 0

What can I say about how amazing this game is...From the first Gran Turismo to the Latest Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, they have simply outdone themselves with the amazing graphics and detail of the cars and circuits.It really puts you in the Driving Seat itself as it almost feels like your there!With the different Manufacturers, It feels great to be racing the cars that you wouldnt get to race itself.From the old Mercedes Carriages to the power of a formula 1 car it's more than unbelieveable. Als...

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The Definitive Racing Sim. 0

Gran Turismo 4 is all about giving you that 'Professional Racing' experience. There's no 'street' racing nor any of the annoying things that come with it: lame car models, repetitive gangstah music and a tacked on storyline. In fact GT4 has no storyline. This works perfectly fine, because it's a racing game. You're a dude who races cars for money in a professional setting, that's all the info you need, and it's all the info you're given.GT4 works very much like previous GT titles. You start the ...

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