Why Is This the PS3's Top Selling Exclusive?

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PD's Official Numbers 
GT5P is still the PS3's top selling exclusive at almost 5 million in total sales.  It got me thinking, with games like UC2, MGS4, LBP, and GOW3...how is GT5P the top selling game? 
It's not even a full game, and yet people clearly bought it in boat loads.   
The chances are strong that GT5 might be the first game to break GT5P's top spot, but still...it's absurd that no other PS3 exclusive has yet to beat it.  Either PS3 users aren't doing their jobs with buying PS3 exclusives or GT5P was really that good, and from what I can remember...it was decent at best.
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@KaosAngel: I think it has a lot to do with GT's legacy and reputation for high quality. Personally I found GT style of gameplay too tedious for my taste (I am more of an arcade race fan) but I can appreciate quality and attention to details and GT has it all.  
EDIT: I also believe PS3 user base aren't supporting the exclusives as they should as a lot of the people on my list just say "I'll wait until it goes Greatest Hits". Sony has still yet to find their Halo or Gears. 
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It's also way cheaper than a normal game, right? That might have something to do with it. Impulse buys and all that.

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It is? I laughed when i saw this topic title... 
That's pretty funny,considering that's practically paying for a demo of GT5. A pretty expensive demo too. 
It's even more unbelieveable cause all the people i know with PS3s want GT5, but have refused to buy Prologue. I think GT5 is gonna have crazy sales.
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wasn't it only like $30-40 and also available over psn when that kind of thing was uncommon?

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my guess is the bulk of gran turismo's fans are not that hardcore about video games that are not called gran turismo. so they bought gran turismo 5 prologue because they had no idea it was a glorified alpha of the real gran turismo 5.

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People on the PS3 have a thing called varying tastes. Different people, different likes? I think that's better then everyone going from one game to the other while the only people that split off are the ones that suck and complain. 
If you are also comparing these numbers to vgchartz......please stop.

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Because Kaos, you bought 4.5 million copies.

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  1. Price - Cheaper than your typical AAA title 
  2. Brand - It has Gran Turismo in the title 
  3. Time - It's been out longer than any of the games you mentioned in your OP
While I think there are better PS3 exclusive games that came out before it (Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, and Valkyria Chronicles), for some reason, the gearheads really dug this title.
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@LiquidPrince said:
" Because Kaos, you bought 4.5 million copies. "
hahah i couldn't have said it better myself
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Funny, all of my PS3 games are exclusives (except Armored Core for Answer). I think bitcloud is right, there are lots of different people and they're all buying different games. I myself have actually bought Valkyria Chronicles and  Demon's Souls even though I have never been into RPGs.  I only bought GT5P when it was Platinum, and at a reduced price.
Oh, and Gran Turismo 5 is my #1 reason for buying a PS3.

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You want a real honest answer. Well most ps3 exclusives sells like a million and that to them is suppose to be good enough. These games sells to ppl who post on forums and are hardcore gamers who reads reviews and has a lot of loyalty. However even if you get hundreds of thousands of ppl on every forum, it would probally only make up a million or two ppl. So really, games like call of duty modern wafare 2 appeals to casual gamers too, not just the hardcore. Ps3 exclusives will have a tough time selling because most ps3 owners doesn't even buy these games, like the ps2 era, they really like playing 3rd party multiplayer games instead. I'm sure occassional some casual gamers might buy uncharted 2, however not stuff like demon souls or any other stuff, which I believe appeals to brand loyalist who reads reviews and are hardcore gamers across all forums which isn't all that many ppl compared to the total number of ps3 owners which is 40 million ps3 owners and only a million of them buys these games, maybe two million or more if they are lucky.
How does gran turismo fit into the picture, there are sure alot of casual gamers who really enjoys racing games, expecially a simulation racing game with all these cars. Casual gamers really can't get enough, I bet gt5 when it's out will sell like 8 million copy in the games lifetime. Also you have other ppl around the world who finds this driving game appealing. Also other interesting data on vgchartz, forza 3 a racing sim sold already over 3 million copies right now. Also forza 2 sold over 4 million so there is an appeal to casual gamers because well, most ppl knows how to drive. That's my conclusion anyways about why ps3 exclusives doesn't sell, also the appeal of racing games.

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