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Dead Pixel News Review of GT5:P 0


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Driving Perfection...Almost 0

So I picked up GT 5: Prologue after a long wait and finally popped it in my dusty PS3 and I was completely blown away. I am a huge fan of racing games, especially realistic driving or driving sims and my favorite being Forza, but I must say that GT 5: Prologue is absolutely amazing in both racing experience and in graphics. To call the visuals in the game graphics will seem weird because they are photo-realistic, like the real darn thing! So after about an hour of saying to myself, ” wow look at...

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Shiny and hollow. 0

The Gran Turismo series has always intimidated me. Between the realistic handling, obnoxiously difficult mandatory license tests and extreme depth of content they ended up feeling like work after a relatively short time. Even so, I have played them all because they look incredible and you get to go fast in un-dent-able cars that no normal human being could ever own, much less throw around corners at the very edge of losing control without going to jail afterward. The first 10 hours of each game ...

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Sometimes it felt I was watching ESPN... 0

In the world of automobile simulation, only few can match the realism and quality of Gran Turismo series. Recent titles like Forza managed to make huge strides in automobile simulation, but still Gran Turismo is your best bet if you want a true simulation experience. Today I will be reviewing the Prologue version of Gran Turismo 5, by ‘Prologue’ it means it contains much less content and customization than the full version, but the core gameplay remains the same. GT 5 Prologue contains around 70...

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On Par 0

PurposeIt all started with Gran Turismo 4 with several delays Polyphony Digital decided to release the Gran Turismo 4 Online (PAPX-90523) as a collector's item. It was only released in Japan / South Korea selected from the sites that totalled 5,000 testers. It wasn't intended for a full fledge game for Gran Turismo 4 but was a testing ground for the PlayStation 3's online. Even though it's not the full game they're treating the game as if it was a beta version and will test new f...

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 0

Equipment: PS3, 46in 1080p Bravia, and Logitech G25 Steering Wheel.Graphics:  To first begin, the graphics in this game is amazing, especially since it fully supports 1080p.  The track detail and cars are extremely great to look at and contain in-car views.  While stuff like trees and grass have no where near as much detail, there is really no point.  When racing you will not have time to look at the grass or the crowds.  The game does have a few alias problems with a few cars while some cars sh...

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Marvelous. 0

Every time there is a new Gran Turismo release, their is a huge amount of hype to go with it. Polyphony Digital's brought their baby onto this generation, with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and it hasn't been any different. Fans of the series, and even newcomers, expect top notch visuals and driving gameplay. The question is if Polyphony was able to deliver. The absolute only answer to that is yes, and in fact, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is the best game on the Playstation 3. Now, you may be looking at...

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Pit stop! 0

I waited in anticipation for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue to be released as I was a bit fan of the Gran Turismo franchise. Finally the day came when it dropped in the door. Popped it into my PlayStation 3 and away we went. My first impression was:”Wow, can this really be?”. The graphic aspect of the game was immense although with a few glitches but nothing mind blowing. After playing it for a few days it began to get a bit boring with the same tracks again and again.Although the great number of cars...

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Work In Progress 0

A good fix for the GT junkie.Ok, I'm not getting to much into the demo debate. It is what it is, it's priced how it's priced. It's either worth paying to you, or it's not. Dry your eye, and drink your juice.I for one have some really mixed feelings about this. The game is beautiful, not questioning that. As someone who always used the in-car view since GT1, I am so stoked about the in-CAR in-car view they've added.I can't tell if it's just the fact that you can watch how much lock you are dialli...

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Expected, But Exceptional and Expandable 0

Since the first game on the original Playstation, the Gran Turismo series has appealed to the hardcore fan. The realistic physics and high demand for technique turned off many gamers. However, it is this aspect of the series upon which it thrives. With Gran Turismo 5 expected late 2009 / early 2010, Polyphonic Digital dropped Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in Q2 2008. Similar to Gran Turismo 4 Prologue, this game was meant to be a sort of demo, not only to give the fans something to play but also to pr...

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Platinum prices for a (great) demo 0

Let’s not mince words here – Gran Turismo 5: Prologue isn’t even a full game, but it’s flat-out, balls-to-the-wall gorgeous, to the point where you’d be forgiven for thinking that replays of races you just finished were actual live-to-air motorsport events. Despite its shininess, though, this scaled-back version of the PS3’s next banner title isn’t quite enough of a game in its own right to be worth your time. Easier to newcomers than its predecessors, Prologue has a more forgiving driving physi...

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