Can you send someone a replay?

#1 Posted by psylah (2272 posts) -

I was wondering, can you send replays to other players? I noticed a replay can be exported, but can you then send it to someone on PSN?
I need someone to try this with.

#2 Posted by LutonHatter (357 posts) -

You can share replays but you both need to be in the same region. As the game saves are in effect region locked. (In detail your game discs have to have the same ID)

Not sure if you could send them via PSN, I've only ever copied them to sd card and shared them via. PC. 

#3 Posted by psylah (2272 posts) -
Geez, more complicated than it need be, it seems.

But at least in that case, they could be shared in some sort of online gaming database... if there were some sort of thing.
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