Gran Turismo 5 Photo Thread

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Considering the other thread isn't really titled as such, post your pictures here! 


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fuck some of these are awesome...

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@Callik: Very nice!
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Some of these pictures are verging on looking real o.O I hadn't realized how great the detail was really on those premium cars, I need to get my ass into photo mode.

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 +100 on the Supra.  I remember this being my first car in GT1 back in the day, and holy shit does it look awesome in GT5! :)    
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Aww man, some of these absolutely unreal.
Good job guys.
@Binman88: I like em all, but that third shot of yours is crazy photo realistic.

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@holybins: Yea I think it looks fantastic. I'm a sucker for any mid-late 80s - early nineties sports car designs. I plan on adding the old RX-7 FC ('90), the Nissan Silvia ('90) and Fairlady ('89) to my garage too. Gotta learn to master the Supra first though. It's pretty challenging to control when fully upgraded with ASM switched off. 
@ProfessorEss: I know right! It's crazy what you can achieve in photomode. I think the slightly jaunty angle makes it look a little more 'real' too. That is until you notice the little trees outside the restaurant that seem to be growing out of the cobblestones!
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@Callik: that's a Bugatti... 
when did you unlock that? 
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@Red12b: Buy used for 4,000,000 CR, or win it from the last Professional Championship.
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Fuck me, this game looks almost real!

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the pic quality on giant bomb is kinda low though

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those don't even look like they are from the game tbh.  Yes, I'm enjoying GT5 but the graphics are a little underwhelming...the environments that is.  These screenys look like real photos almost; good job.  Actually, a few of them you could probably pass off as real and no one would question it.
any level 40 damage pics?

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@KaosAngel said:
" @Red12b: Buy used for 4,000,000 CR, or win it from the last Professional Championship. "
Just saw it in the used dealership for 2,000,000.
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@Raineko: It's infact the jpg quality looking shitty.
Nothing to do with GiantBomb. If you rightclick>show image you can see it in its full resolution glory. :)
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When you set up the shots in photo mode you think oh this will look nice. Then you click the button and your eyes open wide when you see the clarity of the final product, wow.

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@mjk1 said:


Love this one ^. What location is that? (EDIT: Nevermind, just unlocked it!)
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Jeez, some of these look absolutely amazing. 
How can you upload them to here?

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@MachidaX89: From GT5, export it to the XMB and then go to the XMB, transfer to USB.
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In that last pic, sparks do not translate well to photo mode
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@TheRuralJuror:  god damn that's a sweet ride. I was thinking of picking one up but im guessing it's not the best handling car? How does that beast drive?
also: some amazing shots from everybody in here, moooooaaarrrr!
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Holy Shit! Does it actually look this good ingame, or just photo mode?

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@benpicko:  It's a lot easier to see the details on cars in photo mode because of the image quality and the shadows are better in photo mode.  Photo mode can add depth of field and motion blur effects that add to the photorealism (those effects are also in the 30 frames per second replays).  Also there are special stages for taking photos that have more detail, but some of these shots are just from normal tracks.  The high point of GT5 in gameplay is still seeing the high detailed premium models in motion.
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@benpicko: The game looks good, but not as good as Photomode. When you take a picture, the game renders a higher res version of what you normally see in real time.
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Wow. It's beautiful. Almost Photorealistic.
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@benpicko said:

" @Jimbo

@Weltal said: 

Wow. It's beautiful. Almost Photorealistic. "
that's pretty bad...haha.
I've finally dived into the game more and love it.  Been so long since I've played Gran least they put details into what counts tho maybe they should of spared some details for that ugly bastard.  I bought the closest thing to my real car in game and the details in the interior are amazing; looks basically like my car.   Photo mode is fun...hafta upload my sh*tty photography when I get a chance.
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This game could've just had photo mode and I still would've bought it.

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incredible! O_O

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Being a great game is debatable. But it certainly is a GREAT photo simulator. 

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i am blown away by these pictures, almost looks real.

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well here are some of my attempts :D hope you like them :D first is a ferrari BB512, second is a Swift ( my first car ) and third is a Midget 2 ( forgot the car make )



grtz Allen :-p
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@KaosAngel: Do the grand tour special event. That unlocks five (I think) new locations. Pretty sure I unlocked one or two through different means as well.
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or take the car you want to shoot, go to practice, choose the course you want,
do a few laps racing and just playing around and then go into replay and take pictures :D
grtz Allen :-p

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I know the game is about the cars and stuff, but really they spend 5 fuckin'  years and this was the best they could do with the audience!?! 

Though I gotta say the light and shadows in this shot is awesome: 

Espicially in the b/w version: 

Just look at the light and shadows on the pillars! Close to photorealism. 
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First post here after lurking forever :o
Few shots I've taken this week playing GT, loving the game so far.

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