GT5 Tuning Thread

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Just thought that we could share some ideas on sharing tuning tips 
So, yeah, what are your builds? 

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Gotta love that toe
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@100_Hertz: Since GT5 is supposed to be all sim like, then shouldn't the set ups just be good set ups in general? Sure not being able to individually set the gear ratios kinda sucks, but camber angles, ride height, spring settings and stuff should be all the same and work the same. 
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@100_Hertz: Nope, as far as I have read it never unlocks.  Hopefully they'll patch it in later but... meh.  I'm not holding my breath.
Anyone have any good tunes for the FGT?  I've been messing around trying to fight the massive oversteer I get at lower speeds but haven't had much luck.  This is my current setup:
Aero 70/90
Trans 242 Mph
LSD 15/45/55
Height 5/5
Spring 17.4/17.5
Extension 8/8
Compression 6/6
Roll Bars 7/7
Camber 2.0/1.0
Toe 0.00/-0.20
Brakes 4/1
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@100_Hertz: I only notice the lack of suspension setting change if I set the car ride so low that is just kinda bottoms out. To test it out, I'm gonna to look up the old settings from gt4 on cars that can do a wheelie and see if its repeatable in GT5.  
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For front wheel drive cars the first thing I do is lower the LSD to minimum and give it -0.10 rear toe. This is to combat the natural understeer front drive cars have. 
I don't find tuning all that fun but when it leads to winning, it's a great time. Most cars are fine without a tune, which is a good thing because racing online is incredibly fun because it's so close and competitive(and the addition of the PP system has made it even closer).

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