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 EDIT I forgot all about this thread, time to make like the USSR and apply some revisionism.

Okay, I admit, I'm guilty of taking a bit too much of a Pokémon approach to GT5. My car collection currently stands at 1009 owned 24 to go (excluding the DLC cars).

I have been finding the Museum cards an interesting read, but frustrating, I want to read all of a manufacturers' cards in order but have no control of which ones I do and don't have.   

Old Version 

New Version

I am running a cards swap group based over at GTP. New members are always welcome. The group works like this, we all work off a shared account  each member is allocated a car brand. Everyone sending out their allocation to museum card swaps each day to using the shared account as a guide, they mark which cards they send so the shared myGT page is always a up to date reflection on who need what cards. It is going well just need more member, we currently have eight, so each day as a group we become 40 cards closer to completing our collections that we would alone, join us!

If you don't want to join the group and just fancy trading a few cards with me here is my list  of museum cards.

And while I'm admitting my virtual disposophobia I'm after as much British Racing Green paint as possible, so if anyone wants to send some my way my PSN ID is LutonHatter.   
The number in the red circle in when looking at your museum cards is how many you have so if it says three you have two swaps.


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I wish I cared enough to do that... There are so many to collect.
Props on the car collection; I just eclipsed 130 premium cars collected and tuned, by far the most on my friends list.

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I would give any card I had for Subaru #24. 

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Its yours as soon as my B-Spec bloke has finished driving around Circuit de la Sarthe (Sadly that is in around 14 hours time.)

Pop me a friend request on PSN ( LutonHatter ) and let me know what swap you want to offer. I'm not sure if I want to concentrate on Subaru (Which I need the least cards to complete.) or Ford (Who I need the most).

Actually, I've made my mind up now. I'm after Ford cards first, so let me know which spares of them you have and once B-Spec bloke has finished I'll send you the card and check my cards to tell you which of your cards I want. 

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@LutonHatter: Oops, Just saw your reply. I will hit you up on PSN asap. And edit this post with a list of the Ford cards I have.  
I have Ford: 
  • 2
  • 7
  • 13
  • 32
  • 34
  • 39
  • 44
  • 45
  • 50
  • 65
  • 76
  • 80
  • 87
  • 90
  • 91
  • 101
  • 114
  • 115
  • 119
  • 121
  • 124
  • 140
  • 143
  • 145
  • 146
  • 171
  • 174
  • 178
  • 187
  • 190
  • 191
  • 192
  • 200
  • 213
  • 214
  • 232
  • 234
  • 258
  • 259
  • 265
  • 270
  • 281
  • 282
  • 284
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Cheers out of the list any of the following are good for me...
Any other cards you want other than the Subaru No. 24?
Thank you Devil240Z

only 187 Ford cards to go and 976 more cards in total!

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@LutonHatter: I don't have my eye on anything else right now. But if I find something I will let you know.
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I got these spare. If you want to trade, I'll gladly accept any I don't have, but I'll need to check in-game first.  Audi, Renault and VW please, but anything is ok.
Audi 1 26 27 (3) 46  78 83


Citroen 17 19 61 98(2)  198(2)

Dodge 10 12 15 27 47

Ford 25 28 32 85 133 164 245 254  278

Lotus 11 18

Mazda 26 47(2) 49

Mercedes 26(2) 34 54 55 61 82 90(2) 139(3) 147

Mitsubishi 5

Nissan 29 49 63 75(2) 104(2) 144

Renault 8 12 43(2) 44 48

Subaru 12 23

Toyota 72(2)

VW 36 58 59    

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How many fucking cards are there and how many days would it take to get them?

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There are 1428 cards ( I think the Japanese version has a few more because that copy of the game has another manufacturer?)

ATM. you get 10 cards a day as a daily bonus, if you were miraculously lucky that would take 143 days but of course the nearer you are to completion the more duplicates you get. So I would figure if you were just collecting without trading over a year more than likely if  not never.

Hence crazy people like me running swap shops to people can collect their cards quicker.

I actually forgot all about this thread, I'll update the first post to something more up to date and relevant.

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Hi there am up for it if am not too late I guess?.
shame if I am but best of luck with your search.
byeee 4 now..:)

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