Official "My Courses" thread.

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Ok guys bring your couses. I want to see us adopt a course that one of us has made as a regular in the race night rotation.

Also I am looking to find the longest possible course. So far I have one that is 6.08 miles.

Just got a 6.81 lets see if I can get a 7 mile track.

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ive been told that that you cant use tracks you've made online it has to be generated before the race....
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@Red12b said:

@Devil240Z: ive been told that that you cant use tracks you've made online it has to be generated before the race....

You totally can use tracks you made online.

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@Red12b said:

@Devil240Z: Really?

I just made a course in the course editor, saved it. Quit the game. Loaded the game back up. Went into my lounge, and loaded up the track I made.

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Yes you can use tracks you generated off line online, you just can't say a track you generated online after you raced it. Which is a shame.
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I've got a short one that I've put in the rotation when we've finished racing for serious, once or twice. I really like it, but I think it's a case of really liking your own tracks, and I'm not sure if anyone else enjoyed driving on it that much.

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When trying to finish 3rd in the most recent seasonal races to get more horns I would see how long a "Trulli Train" I could build behind me.

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@LutonHatter said:
When trying to finish 3rd in the most recent seasonal races to get more horns I would see how long a "Trulli Train" I could build behind me.
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Alright, there actually is much potential in this actually. Sure, our racenights aren't exactly hampered by lack of tracks and we haven't even used all of them even. Of course that doesn't mean Gt5 can't use more tracks and while I probably tried to make a track in the first week of the game and just said fuck this, who knows what patches might have made this feature better that I am not aware of.  
So, whenever I'm tuning/testing some cars, I'll try to set some time aside to mess with the track gen some more. While the most obvious would be to make sure we can all download each other's tracks and such, my first step is to actually look at the track layouts of the most famous tracks in the world, then see what patterns there are, that make them fun to drive. 

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bathurst on aso?
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A square track with four corkscrews?

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So I tried and messed around with the track editor a bit. No matter how hard you try, you can never have a faithful recreation of any real tracks. The closest you can get is to follow the formula of say bathurst of some straight then 90 degree turn and some S turns afterwards, etc, but of course never able to have the angle of the turns and length of the straights be totally accurate or even fine tuned to how you want it.  
There is one thing that is troubling though, I made like two tracks while messing around, but I don't really see a way to really share it. Vice versa is the same since went to Devil'z lounge I tried to download Devil'z track that he said he did make, but it totally wasn't an option. Right now, it seems, if you are in the room, then you can share your track, but the course maker has to physically be there to share it. This of course could be totally wrong and I just may be overlooking something here, but as it stands, I cannot figure out if you can simply just go and download tracks that people on your friend's list made (whether its going through the lounge or whatever way).  
If I;m in any lounge or room, I can change the track to my custom track, but that requires me to be there to share it. The way as I understand it now, it just simply isn;t fair since the course maker could get way more practice time on their track. 
Maybe I;m just overlooking something. 

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@StaticFalconar: You cant download the track but you can drive on it while in the lounge if the host selects it as the current track. I think you can download tracks from users if they share them.

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