Setting up custom races?

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Hey all,

So was wondering if it's possible to set up custom races in Gran Turismo 5. In past games I recall the ability to select a track and then select which cars you wish to race against. Now I know there is an arcade mode but it seems very limited in what you can race with. Anyone know if this is a possibility?

Much appreciated.


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Nah, Arcade mose is the way to go with that, with Arcade mode any car you buy can be used, and then it selects cars for you based on a HP or PP scale,  
In "Practise mode" you can go and race with one make cars, (The car you are driving) but the AI will not give you that much of a challenge unless you undermine your car in some way,  
Online is the place to go, if you can,  
Pimping this thread here 
We have a selection of GB people who race well and clean, from all over the world, most in europe so your time zones are going to be ok, Lag isn't much of an issue, and if you want to add me, ( Black_Scotch- ) is my PSN don't count the brackets,  
Any other questions I can help with mate? 
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Jesus christ,  
I just tried out Arcade mode with my "Stock" 458 Ferrari, on professional A class, I say stock because I haven't touched the engine/airflow/weight/exhaust instead of upping up the AI it just threw overpowered cars at me, I was racing Bugatti's and Citroen GT's  
I still thrashed them by 10 seconds on a 2 lap race of rome... 
Wtf game.

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They need to put in a Custom Singleplayer Race Creator. I would love to design my own events and challenges.

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