Thanks to PSN being down...

#1 Posted by psylah (2187 posts) -

Thanks to PSN being down, all but one of my drivers was shared with friends and cannot be unshared.
So, as a result, my single driver just raced the 24 hours of Le Mans singe handedly! What a champ!

Let's all give it up for F. Pope! (The "F" stands for " thaFuckin' "

#2 Posted by KaosAngel (13764 posts) -

Hah, that's hilarious.  I forgot about Driver sharing, and I'm in the same situation as you.  All my drivers are shared so I can't do B-Spec.

#3 Posted by LutonHatter (336 posts) -

I had the my B-Specs  do all their endurance races on their tod just to Min/Max their leveling. I'm mainly hurting as my merry gang of museum card collectors currently can trade nothing. It is a shame, I think we would of had our first complete set by now, but no biggie, after all the weather has great.

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