What Are You Currently Driving?

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What car are you currently using right now?
For me, it's a Honda S2000.
Love those cars :)

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S Buick Special ‘62

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i am trying the licenses,



fuck the licences...



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The CE cars.  I was surprised when they were put into my garage from the start.  But hey, no complaints.

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nissan skyline gtr r34 z tune...  such a sexy motherfucking beast

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Impreza WRX STI '07 
@Red12b said:


i am trying the licenses,



fuck the licences...




At least I have yet to encounter an event that requires it. But I'm almost certain that the person who timed out the licences/challenges is a sadist. I'm absolutely dominating the AI in this game, but I cannot Gold B5 onwards, or the AMG Merc challenges. Even an extra .02 seconds on each would be a godsend.
The TopGear Sambabus challenge is pissing me off too, because for some reason, the AI loves to ram me and force a DQ. That has happened TWICE around Gambon on Lap 2.
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I can't get past the second Go-Kart race in the low tier, and NASCAR is the dumbest thing I have ever tried.  Can't get past the second event on NASCAR.  >.> 
Didn't try Top Gear yet, but everyone keeps telling me horror stories of the Bus Trial.  
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@KaosAngel: Trust me, the BEST thing you can do if you don't have a wheel is switch it to Forza controls. Put accelerate and brake on the triggers, change square and circle to shift down and up respectively, make X the e-brake. You'll have a more precise modulation of the accelerator, essential for the Go-Kart race. 
Nascar. Wow. My mind was blown at how mind-numbing it is. And the fact that the car feels like someone strapped a BBC V8 to a brick and stuck wheels on it. 
I'm pedantic and have been going for all Gold. Psh, like that's gonna happen. B5 and up are all Silvers, as is the Bus Race and AMG challenge. All of my A-Spec events so far are Gold though, and I'm about to round out the Beginner events.
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Now moved onto the Toyota FT86 Concept '09 in Chameleon Green.
Fucking loved that car form the moment I saw it in a magazine last year. 

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@KaosAngel: I had some trouble with the second NASCAR event but it's all about trying to find the right  order to draft past people. Also for karts it's all about not breaking on wide turns. Just feather the gas around corners and never shoot the stick all the way into a turn.
On to the actual question right now I have a Nissan 350z '07 I got at the used car dealership. Washed it up nice, and got an oil change. Then added a turbocharger, now it runs NICE!
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That is one sweet Toyota!
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BMW M3...just got it, added some soft tires, sport suspension, and an exhaust. 

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Sorry, wrong forum. I deleted my post.

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I thought the kart races were pretty easy; only need to do the top one but you have to be lvl 17 to unlock it. The Top Gear Bus challenge wasn't that bad, i got it on my second try after being DQF in the first go. Just get the gear changes down and muscle your way through. The Nascar one is bullshit! The first one is ok,  but i got only third on the second and didn't even try those other ones! Nascars drives as shit!
I'm also rocking the sweet Toyota 86 FT (you get it once you complete the FR cup in beginner) 
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I am currently driving a Honda S2000

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WRX STI Sedan. 
I was so happy when I was able to buy it, and was able stop driving the shit boxes I had to use to get up to the point to get it. I actually enjoy doing races now.

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@MB said:
" BMW M3...just got it, added some soft tires, sport suspension, and an exhaust. 

Is that your own screen? Nice shot!
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@Portis: I felt the same way when I got the M3. Also...there are about 20 different versions of the WRX in the game. I'm going to wait to win one and then just go with that. 
#20 Posted by MB (14376 posts) -
@sodiumCyclops: Yep, it is! It's tough to get a good shot since the replay viewer doesn't have fast forward or rewind. There were some better moments in that race but I couldn't be bothered to start the entire replay over again.  
The photo mode is cool. You can adjust aperture for depth of field effects and even shutter speed if you want moving parts to be clear or blurry, like the wheels in the shot above. 
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@MB: The car, as good as it looks now, would look really sweet in a White Pearl :D
#22 Posted by Portis (1294 posts) -
@MB said:
" @Portis: I felt the same way when I got the M3. Also...there are about 20 different versions of the WRX in the game. I'm going to wait to win one and then just go with that.  "
The M3 is next on my list. Shouldn't be long, I've got so many junk-ass cars in my garage just waiting to be sold.
Also, the photo mode is already becoming an infinite resource of wallpapers for me. You know, as awkward as a lot of the standard model cars look, I'll be damned if the premiums aren't the most beautiful car models in a game I've ever laid my eyes on. They are just...man. Especially when you get them in the photo mode.
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Yes i know it's the car that came with the collectors edition so theres a dozen other people per square mile using it, but it is an absolute beauty! Actually using a civic that i bought and am currently upgrading as my 'main' because none of the CE cars are 'FF' and i gotta get that cup out the way!! 
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Anyone get the stealth models codes and try those yet?

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I'm currently driving a yellow Daihatsu Copen. It's slow as molasses but it takes turns very good, which means good knife-fights with the pesky AI. Also, it's very cute. ;) Only drawback is that it appears to be completely unmoddable. 

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What car is it?  
and what other cars came with the CE edition? 
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 The 5 cars i received to start with in the garage are :- 
 •Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro Chrome Line Edition
•BMW M3 Coupe Chrome Line Edition
•Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Chrome Line Edition
•Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe Chrome Line Edition
•Shelby Cobra 427 Chrome Line Edition     
The chromeline edition basically being that 'style' of paint job on the car  - a lot better than starting off with the mazda and hitting the Mid trophy to start with as i have had to do in every GT since i can remember xD 
Still gonna go and get the Mx anyway - for old times sake :D
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I want my CE copy go goddamned bad after this thread. Ship fasterrrr. 
Also, I went looking for my first car on the GT5 car list. 
Why in the FUCK would PD make a z4 premium and not the e46 M3. Like god damn it.

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Just starting so I bought the 90's type R hatchback. Damn does that thing feel good and sound good.

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@KaosAngel said:
" Anyone get the stealth models codes and try those yet? "
Got my Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model from preordering the collectors edition from Amazon. Good lord, this car's a beast! I dare not turn off the traction-control. LOL! 

GT5 - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model
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Just started driving the '88 (or '87, can't remember) Supra. I effing love mid-80s to early-90s car design. Can't wait to get learn to fully control the car - at the moment it's a bitch of a RW to corner at high speeds, but so much fun when you pull of a proper power slide. Will try and get a pic up soon. 
Edit: Put some more pics up here

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@Binman88: Dammit binman - i almost managed a full afternoon without playing gt5 
Every time i see a screenshot of this game that little pool of saliva builds up and my hands ache to hold a wheel. 
Thats it, ps3 is going back on
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@Binman88: Well, I know what car to buy tonight.
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@OmegaPirate: Haha, I know. I haven't switched my PS3 off since this morning, so whenever I feel an urge to play I can jump back in nice and quick :p 
@KaosAngel: Do it man, but don't make the same mistake I did and put a damn plain carbon bonnet on the thing. I just spent another 5K CR buying the painted carbon bonnet which looks much better (as in: looks the same as the original paint job). Something about the colour of carbon fibre with the black paint job of the car doesn't mix. It looks much better with the standard stock paint job all over.
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Has anybody seen any trucks for sale either first hand or used yet?

Or have the won any as prizes?

(Please, I don't want to be spoilt in terms of what prize you win for which challenge, so and yes/no and if you are going to say how to win them guard them in spoiler tags please, thanks)

Oh and before I go and buy a first hand mini, are there any of them to be won?

edit: Today I have been mostly driving a Maserati GranTurismo S ‘08

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Just got the Audi TT 
Lovin it so far

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